Volumetric weight, also considered as dimensional weight is a technique to evaluate the commercial freight charges of a shipment using an estimated weight based on length, width and height of a parcel.

A shipment’s transportation cost might get affected by the amount of space it takes on the aircraft rather than it’s actual weight.

Calculation of the volumetric weight of a shipment reflects the density of a parcel. An item with less density usually occupies more space volume rather than the actual weight.

After calculating the volumetric weight, it is compared with the actual weight of the shipment to check which one is greater. Higher amount of weight is then considered to calculate the cost of the shipment.

How it is calculated?

Volumetric weight is determined by simply measuring the length, width and height of the package first and dividing it by the volumetric factor. Formula goes, as shown in the image below:

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You must know that the shipping weight mentioned on the merchant order confirmation might be based on domestic air shipping or ground shipping from the merchant to the hub location. Based on the size and carrier of the package, ground shipping charges of the merchant might or might now use volumetric weight calculation.

By chance, if the carrier being used by the merchant uses volumetric weight calculation in case of domestic air or ground, then the volumetric weight calculation will consider a different volumetric factor and so, the volumetric weight will become lower than the one being used for international air shipments.

Hope we have clarified the concept of volumetric weight.

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