Shipping & Fulfillment

Shipping in India & abroad is simple nowadays with so many shipping channels available. Most shipping channels have tie ups with the best courier companies and offer discounted rates to the sellers. Pick a perfect shipping partner and fulfill your orders easily.

Shipping & Fulfillment

E-Commerce Fulfillment and Shipping: A Beginners Guide

Order fulfillment is a key differences between an online and a physical store. It is the various processes which are undertaken in receiving, processing and delivering orders to the end customer. Many online sellers put a lot of emphasis on marketing, procurement, and maintaining costs, but they often fail to give attention to the fulfillment […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • July 31, 2017
Shipping & Fulfillment

The Importance And Functions Of An Air Waybill

An air waybill is a very important document in the shipping process, serving a number of crucial roles. It also happens to be a source of a lot of confusion. Often there is a lot of time wasted on trying to decipher the information stored in an air waybill. This article clears all doubts about […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • July 28, 2017
Shipping & Fulfillment

5 Ways To Reduce Shipping Cost For Your Business

The rapid progression of e-commerce in India has led to a great rise in expectation from consumers. E-commerce store owners have to attract consumers by offering them a number of incentives. One of these is free shipping as consumers now expect free shipping in every purchase they make. If it sounds like a major cost […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • July 27, 2017
Shipping & Fulfillment

How To Pack Your Shipments Properly: An Easy To Follow Guide

  The first element which any e-commerce customer notices about their order is its packaging. The condition in which the product arrives can make or break the customer’s shopping experience. Attractive, safe and secure packaging appeals to the customer and is an important part of the branding of your online store. It has the potential […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • July 25, 2017
Volumetric weight, volumetric weight calculation
Shipping & Fulfillment

What Is Volumetric Weight & How Is It Calculated?

Volumetric weight, also considered as dimensional weight is a technique to evaluate the commercial freight charges of a shipment using an estimated weight based on length, width and height of a parcel. A shipment’s transportation cost might get affected by the amount of space it takes on the aircraft rather than it’s actual weight. Calculation […]

by Ashima Kalra • May 31, 2017