India’s mobile revolution continues to grow from strength to strength as the number of smartphone users crossed 300 million in 2017, up from around 159 million in 2016. This figure is expected to be around (and some reports are optimistic about the fact that it will cross) the 500 million mark by the end of the year. With a rapid growth rate and a current base of 200 million users, you can utilize WhatsApp to accelerate the sales of your product. At a time when the entire country engrossed in their mobile screens, now is the perfect time to start selling on WhatsApp. Here is how you can sell your products on WhatsApp.

Create An Intriguing First Impression

It is necessary to create a strong impression with your first message. WhatsApp is an extremely intimate platform and any incoming messages from unknown numbers will be received with a lot of doubt. Ensure that your profile has the following elements to make it stand out and draw a positive response from the recipient.

  • Effective Profile Picture: Before reading the message, users will initially notice the profile picture. Therefore, it has to be the perfect blend of showcasing your product, and also include two-three words about it so that the user has some idea about the product before reading the message. As per the saying, your profile picture should be worth 1000 words and capture the user’s attention.
  • Concise Initial Message: The first message should not be excessively long as the user will simply ignore it. It should comprise of a short and crisp description of a few words followed by a link. Again, ensure that the link URL is not too long so that even if they do not click it from the phone, they can type it out later. Ensure that you have a proper introduction and any media must be preceded by written content as it will make the user much more approachable to your brand and products.
  • Catchy Username and Status: The username and profile must convey your intentions and not be something generic like “Available”. Your status as a line which says a lot about the product in a few words. The username could be the name of your store.

These factors will ensure that the recipient is aware about the product and what you are trying to sell in the first few seconds. Once the user is aware of the product and is interested, it will ease your efforts.

Conduct Follow Ups On WhatsApp

Once the user is familiar with your brand, you can start official communication on WhatsApp. Considering the short screen space, you cannot afford to have lengthy messages. Which is why you must not restrict yourself to simply sending messages. Take full advantage of its personalized nature to send videos, pictures, audio files, QR codes etc. Needless to mention, do not be extremely personal with unnecessary emojis and GIF’s. Another advantage of WhatsApp is that you can utilize the medium for follow ups, even with the ones who have only visited your website. All you need to do is to ensure that the user is not bombarded with constant messages and media. With an appropriate frequency you can facilitate your sales through WhatsApp.

Initiate A Group of Potential Buyers

Creating a WhatsApp group has an element of risk to it which can be easily taken care of. If the users are not aware of why they have been added to the group, they will feel that their privacy has been violated. This could lead to a negative reaction about the brand as well. To avoid such a scenario be extremely clear in your communication. The group name should clearly mention its intentions. You need to add all the members extremely quickly and then welcome them with a short message so that the members are instantly aware about why they have been added. Take care to ensure there is constant communication and you are not the only one posting. Create engaging content so that the members are aware about your brand and it comes across as having a friendly personality. It will ensure that the users will be quickly familiar with your brand and make a purchase.

Provide Strong Customer Support

The personalised nature of the medium makes it perfect for customer service and support. Once you extend your customer service to WhatsApp, it allows you to be closely connected to your user base. This can facilitate a number of conversations which will give you insights into user requirements and needs so that you can modify your product to serve the users what they truly want. Keep in mind that this will work only if you are able to send an instant response. Any delay in replying to customer queries will make them feel disappointed in your brand’s services.

Always remember, that while WhatsApp offers the advantages of cost effective communication and the ability to be extremely close to users and customers, you must give the users a lot of space and not continuously message them. The key to selling on WhatsApp is to be extremely flexible with your content without it being too long or contradictory to the overall communications. Once you have implemented these simple cautionary measures, you can explore the limitless potential of selling on WhatsApp!

Sell Your Products On WhatsApp