Anyone who is even remotely involved with an online business must have heard about domain names. Even if they do not have a complete knowledge of it, they must at least be acquainted with the term.

Domain name is like an online real estate where the website, brand, person, or an online entity lives and individuals visit the same on that particular address. For businesses, a domain name is a place where the potential customers are taken to make a purchase. It is a place where you can build your expertise and brand. No doubt that picking the right domain name for a business is a crucial decision as being stuck with a bad name can bring negative publicity for the business.

Here is a comprehensive list of questions that people ask about domain names. We hope this guide will help you through the process of picking the right kind of domain name for your business.

Q. Does Your Registered Business Name and Domain Name Have To Be Same?

Well! The answer is NO. While it is not necessary to have the same domain name as your registered business name, there are a few considerations that you can make while selecting one. Ideally, you would want your brand name and domain name to be similar.

For example, if your registered business name is Rebecca Fashion Apparels, it will be wise to choose something like or and not something sassy and lame that would say

Even if the domain name is not exactly as your registered name, it should still give your customers a relevancy factor when they search for you online.

Q. Which is The Best Domain Name Extension?

A .com domain extension is universally accepted as the most trusted for any business entity. So, if possible try to get the .com extension as it will help in keeping your brand name consistent and easy to remember. But you can also always pick the extension on the basis of your location; like if you are staying in India, you can have both .com and extensions for your business.

In case you fail to get the .com extension for your business, the next safest bet is to have .net extension. For a nonprofit business .org is an ideal extension. There are many more extensions available that you can explore depending on the nature of your business.

Q. Does Domain Name Have Any Role To Play In SEO?

If you think that your choice of domain name and the SEO of your website will go hand in hand, then you are probably wrong. Having the targeted keywords in your domain name is important but not as much as you might think. Developing a high-quality website is much more important than stuffing SEO in your domain name. There are a lot of ways in which you can make your site SEO friendly and it is not necessarily your domain name.

Q. Are Domain Names Copyright/Trademark Protected?

Yes they are, that is why you need to be 100 percent sure about the legitimacy of your domain name at the time of buying. You must ensure that the domain name that you are registering for your business is not trademarked by any other business entity around the world.

For example, if there is a company registered under the name Rebecca Fashions Pvt. Ltd., but they do not have a registered domain name then also it will be a bad idea for Rebecca Fashion Apparels to use that domain name.

Checking online for available domain names or seeking out legal advice before registering the one can be of great help to avoid copyright or trademark infringement.

Q. How To Configure Domain Name With The Website

Only buying the domain name will not end the play for you as you have to put them to some good use as well. Begin by configuring your domain name with your web hosting service, which will give you an up and running website for your business. Once you have your website, you can use your company email address to make everything look professionally run.

You can even park the domains of your website belonging to other extensions that you might have bought with your package. Taking the same example, if your website address is, then you must have the parking domain named and Doing this will bring your customers directly to your site even if they end up typing the wrong extension.

Q. Can There Be An Alternative To Misspelt Domain Names?

The only mantra that can save you from the misspelled domain names problems is to keep them simple. The name that you choose should be simple, easy to remember and type and must have a high recall value for your customer.

Any experiment like a capitalization of a word or a hyphen can lead to missing out on customers even when they are typing the word correctly. Avoid making your domain name complex sounding and take the easy route as much as possible.

Q. What To Do For Domain Privacy

Domain privacy can be a huge concern for your business. To maintain the privacy of your domain, you must have Whois privacy enacted in your domain name. Any hacker or a programmer capable of running whois search can gather all the information related to the domain like address, email ids, names, phone numbers and more, which they can display to everyone and flout the privacy of your domain.

You don’t want your confidential information to be floating around the internet. Thus, it is important to register your domain for whois privacy to avoid any threat to your website or domain name.

Q. What Is The Expiry Of A Domain Name?

You can get your domain name registered for a minimum of one year and a maximum of ten years. Post the period for which you have bought the domain name you need to renew it before the expiration date else someone else might end up buying it post termination. Any good domain name service provider will send you a reminder email at least a month before to notify about pending renewal, so pay attention to their emails.

However, the rules for renewal are different for different service providers. Some may even charge a penalty for going past the expiration date and can even increase the price of your domain by manifolds knowing how important it can be for a business to get their domain name renewed.

Try and set auto-renew on your domain name if you are bad with remembering renewal dates.

We hope that you have got all your queries about domain names answered in this post. Still, if there is something left, do keep on checking our website for more information on domain names, website hosting and more stuff that can help you start a business online.