Growing at a rate of one billion daily active users, (which was one billion monthly active users at this time last year) WhatsApp has now become synonymous with messaging from phones. Thanks to its global popularity, it was only a matter of time before WhatsApp would be used to conduct transactions. The messaging application attracts a 70% daily engagement rate and is quickly cementing its place as one of the most reliable mediums. Its personalised nature allows store owners to reach out more easily to its target audience. At the same time you must be careful to not bombard the user with frequent messages or inappropriate content. Here are a 5 ways in which you can sell effectively using WhatsApp.

1) Add A WhatsApp Button In Your Store

The first step in selling online is having a dedicated WhatsApp button in your web page. This should be placed in a location where it is easily noticeable and conveys the fact that you can be approached on WhatsApp. Your WhatsApp presence can be conveyed through either a separate text box explaining how conversing on WhatsApp will be beneficial for your customers, or a button saying “Product Availability on WhatsApp” or “Contact On WhatsApp For Further Details”. In either case, the content announcing WhatsApp availability should blend into the website in a way that intrigues the users and makes them feel that it is a great addition which will benefit them.

2) Strengthen Your Brand Personality

You can leverage the features of WhatsApp to create a brand which the users find to be friendly, helpful, understanding and trustworthy. Instead of sending only promotional items or details about the store you can send media and content which will build a positive influence. This will also considerably reduce the feeling of being irritated by constant messages. Here are a few things which you can send on WhatsApp to enhance the reputation of your brand and make it more approachable. All of these can be sent using media(photos, videos or GIFS), content or a combination of both

  • Helpful or Informative facts
  • Latest industrial trends in a few lines
  • Anecdotes which are generic and not harmful to any group or community
  • Feel good stories

3) Include A Call To Action

This is arguably the most important element in your endeavors to sell on WhatsApp. A call to action is a button or a link with a line that urges the user to click on it. This will direct the user to your store. Without a CTA (call to action) any content which you send the target audience is simply a message; the fact that you mean business is reflected through the CTA. Once you think you have a message which will attract the user, you can either send a subsequent message or simply add a statement which is link highlighted so that the user can simply click on that to go to your store. In case you have an app and would like the CTA to direct users to the app, ensure that you ask the users permission to do so and clearly mention they have a choice to go to the mobile version as well.

4) Respond To Customers – And Up-Sell And Cross-Sell

Another way in which you can drive sales to your store is by giving a response to customers and subtly introduce the element up-selling and cross-selling. When someone makes a purchase from your store, you can send them a WhatsApp message thanking them for the purchase in a message; in the same message you can also mention a higher end version of that particular product (upselling) in an enticing way. In case you have a product complementing that particular product you can mention about how it would enhance their purchase (cross-selling). This should be designed in a way that is not enforced but introduced very subtly in the content where you thank the user for purchasing the product.

5) Contests Through WhatsApp

Contests serve a couple of extremely important purposes. They make users engaged in your stores, products, the overall brand and you can add more users to your database through contests. Here you will need other elements like social media, a website page etc., but ultimately the participation will have to be through WhatsApp only. The result could be a few freebies or a discount coupon. Thanks to the vast variety of available resources on WhatsApp the medium of the contest can be videos, photos, selfies or written text. You can also ask them to scan a QR code from the website to your phone to participate and make it more engaging.

WhatsApp is a medium where you can utilize multiple forms of media in your communication with users. Do not restrict yourself to simply sending information about your store. Try to make it engaging or initiate a conversation. The possibilities are only restricted by your imagination!

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