In the time of internet boom, everyone wants to mark their presence in the online world by creating their own website. However, to want a website and getting your site up and running are two different things. To help you in your pursuit to get your website hosted, we are going to enlist everything you need to know about creating and hosting a website.

Here you will get answers to all the basic questions about the web hosting that a beginner may have in mind. So, let’s skim through the article to understand what exactly web hosting is.

What is Website Hosting? 

Getting a website hosted means making it available for the public to view, shop, browse products, and more. A website will be composed of web pages with texts, videos, images, and content that your audience can go through. Your customers will be able to see your website only when you have made it available for them over the internet and to do so you need to get it hosted. Web hosting means getting your website stored in a web server and then making it live for the people worldwide. You need to buy that web space on a web server to save the pages of your website and make it available for general public.

What is a Web Server? 

A web server is a remotely kept computer wherein you can get the pages of your website stored. It acts as a server of a content of your website to the public through the mean of the internet. A web server computer is made to very high specifications and is connected to the internet through critical links. There are web hosting companies across the globe that have their dedicated servers for hosting website. Such companies rent out space on their servers so that others can host their website using their platform and make the site available to the public.

What is Web Host?

Any company having their web servers renting out space to other for hosting their websites is known as a web host. While some web hosts have their servers, some companies rent a large space on the servers of a large web hosting companies and then resell or rent that space under their brand name. Renting out a web space which is already rented from some giant web hosting company is called as reseller hosting. The large web hosting service providers even establish data centers (collection of web hosting servers) which are capable of hosting a million websites at a time. Most of the web hosting companies provide web space and other web hosting related services to their clients. Hence they are called as web service providers.

Services That A Web Hosting Company Offers

Apart from providing space on their servers, the other services that a web hosting company offers to their clients include the following:

  • Domain name registration
  • Email hosting
  • SSL certification for enhanced security
  • Website building tools to make your website
  • Different types of web hosting depending on their client need

Basic Features Of A Web Hosting Plan

Some of the essential features that you will get with your website hosting plan will comprise of:

Disc Space: It is the storage amount you will be given by the hosting provider for storing your web pages. The space that you will get will be used for storing web files made using text, images, audio, video and more. The space on the disc is measured in megabytes, and every web hosting company offers different disc spaces to cater to the needs of an individuals website requirements.

Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the amount of data that your website can send to a server over the course of time. This also determines the speed of your website, which means more bandwidth provided by the host company will give more speed to your website and vice versa. While some web hosting companies provide unlimited bandwidth option, some provide have a price band for the amount of bandwidth that you may consume. An image and heavy video website will always demand a higher bandwidth.

Website Uptime: The website uptime is the time for which the server stays up and running. If a web hosting company says that their server uptime is 99.99%, it means your website will be down for not more than 8hours approx throughout the year. The more downtime the server gives, the greater the losses will be for your company especially if it’s an e-commerce portal.

Programming Services: Some website hosting packages come with a feature to create web pages by using programming languages like HTML, ASP, PHP and the databases as well. Any package that includes PHP language with the MySQL database can be called an excellent package for website development.

Customer Service: Customer service is essential when looking for a web hosting company. The support staff of your web hosting service provider should be available on chat, email or phone 24X7 to solve issues or technical errors at any time.

Additional Features of a Web Hosting Plan

Though some other features that you may get will solely depend on your web hosting service provider, some common ones’ that might be included in your package or you can get them added are:

  • Free domain name
  • Email account for your domain
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Google Adwords credit
  • Bulletin boards
  • Website builder with a free template
  • Set up for online store with a free template
  • Choice of operating system (Windows, Linux, Java)

Different Types Of Web Server Hosting

Not all businesses require the same hosting as it may vary depending on the nature of the business. A web hosting company has different types of web hosting options that one can choose from as per their need. There is also an option to migrate your hosting plan as per the growth pattern of your business. Different types of web hosting options include the following:

Shared Server Hosting

In this several websites share a single server and is considered good for small business, personal websites and static websites, shared hosting is a viable solution and is encouraged by the entry level websites as they do not need high-performance features. You can get all the basic website hosting features with shared web hosting without burning a hole in your pocket.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Though a little costly, this kind of hosting allows you to have a dedicated space on the server for your website. It means, there will be no interruptions of other websites, which mostly is the case with shared hosting. This kind of hosting is suitable for website that has high traffic volume and cannot afford to have a downtime. Most e-commerce websites are hosted on dedicated servers.

Cloud Server Hosting (VPS Hosting)

The innovative cloud computing technology is used for this kind of web hosting. Herein, the cloud hosting is done using multiple servers which are interconnected to each other. The use of multiple servers is cloud hosting has a set of advantages like load balancing, reduced chances of single point failure, higher security, flexibility to increase or decrease resources as per the requirement and more. It is a cost effective solution as compared to dedicated server hosting as you are charged by the usage.

The hosting you will need will completely depend on the nature and requirement of your business. Thus, you can buy either a basic web hosting package or opt for an advanced web hosting package that will come with all the additional features listed above. Custom hosting is also an option that you can explore, but that will require a bit more of knowledge about the domain from your end to make the most of it.

Until you decide on which hosting service or package is suitable for your business, we will churn our minds to come up with another piece of information for you to grab. Till then, happy reading!