From its creation to currently becoming the most popular form of mobile communication, WhatsApp had certainly seen a rapid rise. Starting out only in 2009, WhatsApp currently has over 1 billion active monthly users. The words “I will message you” have been replaced by “I will WhatsApp you” as the application keeps on growing. WhatsApp has provided great value to the user. Marketers are now using these tools for marketing, sales and promotional activities and seeing positive results. You too can tap into the personalized nature of WhatsApp to connect with users by using the various tools and media available there. Here are 9 creative ways for WhatsApp selling.

1) Engaging Your Audience With A Dedicated Number

You can use WhatsApp for spreading awareness about your product or service and engage users to enhance your popularity. For example: Delhi Police launched a new helpline which had a WhatsApp number in which citizens could complain against corrupt policemen. The helpline received over 1.12 lakh calls, texts and complaints last year. Even though there was limited action was taken against the offenders, this initiative has proved how a powerful message can engage users in your brand. Try and use the same spirit to watch your online store grow.

2) Using Status

WhatsApp introduced a new section earlier this year called Status. You can upload a photograph or video and it stays under your Status for 24 hours. You can utilize Status to share promotional codes or flash sales which are only available for a day or a few hours. Status serves the dual purpose of engaging your customers and giving you the reputation of being an active brand. By utilizing Status effectively you can upgrade yourself to a trendy brand which users would be interested to know more about.

3) Sending Informational Updates

Not only is WhatsApp suited for conversations, it is ideal for one way communication as well. You can try and make the users aware about your products or how you are following a particular industry trend by using broadcast lists. A broadcast list is a set of people who will receive the same message to you. Divide your users into the various topics which might interest them and from time to time you can send them informational updates. This could be related directly to your product or any other informational updates which they might be interested in.

4) Creating Contests

Contests are a great way to keep users engaged. The promise of a reward is always attractive. A clever plan which engages the users and offers them something of value has the potential to attract their attention. For a contest to be successful, its presentation has to be extremely effective. A few catchy lines to draw attention should be followed by a well built and developed structure. Once you have managed to achieve this combination you must ensure that you fulfil all the terms mentioned in the contest. Failure to do so would lead to a bad reputation for your store.

5) Building A Strong Community

Groups are one of WhatsApp’s strongest features. Through groups you can get a lot of users with a common interest together and keep them interested and engaged in your brand and its products. Most WhatsApp users are involved in groups. Your group should provide them with a different experience, where they feel there is an environment where they can interact with other users. By not making it a one way flow of information and encouraging conversation through interesting questions or displaying facts, you will elevate the group to a community. And the chances of the community making a purchase is always higher.

6) Making Launches Through Videos

Considering that WhatsApp gives users access to a lot of media, you have the opportunity to reach out to them with videos. Through small sized videos you can launch a new collection or a set of videos. If executed effectively, it provides users with a unique experience which is bound to catch their interest. Like all WhatsApp related content, it should not be long but short and precise. An engaging introductory title followed by a simple display your products with a catchy tagline should be sufficient to engage users.

7) Sending Audio

Another extremely popular feature of WhatsApp is that you can send audio recordings. While simply sending audio files might be tiring for the user to hear you can use them to enhance the user’s understanding of your product. This could useful for products which might be a little complicated to understand at first sight or need guidance in their use. A simple recording without background noise should suffice in such situations. Another way you could audio recordings is by using them while wishing users on special occasions or celebratory days.

8) Making Brochures Of Different Collections

Through low sized image files or pdf files you can send brochures of specific collections to users. This will take minimum efforts and give you many benefits. Once users receive exactly what they are looking for, seeing all the products in one space will make them interested in your product. This will enhance your reputation as a creative unit which has an exact understanding of user’s needs.

9) Providing Instant Customer Support

Due to the fact that you can get an instant response, you can impress users and customers with an immediate response on WhatsApp. You need be a responsive unit who genuinely cares about the customers. If need be use the calling feature on WhatsApp as it gives an immediate response which the user might require. Strong customer satisfaction leads to users spreading positive reviews about your product and is always an asset. A positive customer experience will, therefore, slowly but surely lead to more sales.

These are the various ways you can utilize WhatsApp instead of simply sending messages. With a combination of precise and well timed creative messages, you can create a connection with users which will help in increasing sales. Happy Selling!

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