WhatsApp usage in India has seen a phenomenal growth since its launch in the country. The application has grown from having 20 million users in 2013 to 200 million users in 2017, making it the largest country in the world for WhatsApp users. This shows the keen interest that users have taken in the application and reflects how quickly the application has become the primary mode of communication for smartphone users. As a result, selling on WhatsApp would be an extremely smart decision as you can personally reach out to users. Here are 7 products which are highly suited for selling on WhatsApp.

1) Jewelry

Users who purchase jewelry are extremely particular about details, like patterns, stone size, cuts, etc. Selling on WhatsApp allows your users to explore these from the luxury of their phone. This gives them the benefit to observe the product from close range in a personal space, giving you an opportunity to form a personal connection. To sell effectively, you have to ensure that the product images are clear and have a small file size which will not eat into the user’s memory space.

2) Clothing

Selling clothing items for both genders as well as children allows users an extremely close look into your collection. You can utilize the following strategies to sell your clothes on WhatsApp:

• Send your product catalog through WhatsApp.

• Provide discounts and other promotional offers.

• Show how you are following an industrial trend or how your clothing reflects the current seasonal trend.

3) Accessories

WhatsApp is an ideal platform for the marketing and sales of accessories. While selling your accessories, put some focus on including a few lines which compel the user to make a purchase. The nature of accessories is such that it requires the user’s attention to be drawn towards it with a combination of images and words. Here are the top accessories which will boost your sales through WhatsApp

• Belts

• Watches

• Sunglasses

• Wallets

• Bags

• Mobile Phone Covers

4) Footwear

There is a growing demand for quality and comfortable footwear, which simultaneously creates an impression and provides comfort. You can use WhatsApp to highlight how the user can create a statement with their footwear. Speak about the comfort and durability of the product while highlighting the style. If you have any quirky footwear then your message should highlight it and not be completely formal. This way you can leverage the application and compel the user to make a purchase.

5) Hand Crafted Products

For a category as personal as hand crafted products, there should be a lot of emphasis on WhatsApp selling. You get the advantage of adding a personal touch to an already personalized items. The following will help you to sell a greater number of handcrafted products on WhatsApp:

• Highlight the story behind your brand and your journey in a few words.

• Give a crisp personal description for each piece.

• Show how using the product will bring benefit to the user so that he is aware of the true value of the product.

6) Home Décor

With an increasing rate of urbanization, there will be an increased interest in decorating your home. If you intend on selling home décor items, the sooner you start selling on WhatsApp the better. Having a long and personal relation with your customers will make it easier to sell products in the future. Try to follow these simple procedures which will ensure that you can sell more effectively:

• Send compact images which do not require the user to navigate. Long pictures might distract the user.

• Choose a background color which highlights the product image. A contrasting background color will distract the user from your product.

• A GIF is a nice solution if you have a combination of products. Try to show the benefit of purchasing the products.

• You can send your entire catalogue through WhatsApp.

7) Cutlery And Kitchen Items

With the growing number of nuclear families and young couples living on their, the demand for cutlery has increased rapidly. Possessing a good looking set of cutlery and utensils creates a good impression on guests and visitors to the house. As a result, selling cutlery on WhatsApp can help you to achieve continuous sales. Ensure that the initial message touches upon the convenience of receiving product images on WhatsApp. This is due to the fact that although it is important, not many users will prioritize purchasing cutlery. A message on WhatsApp is a friendly reminder of how they can conveniently make a purchase and not lose time on planning other aspects of setting up their home.

Sell Your Products On WhatsApp