India has shown a rapid growth in its mobile consumption over the last few years. The number of smartphone users has risen up to 300 million customers in February and is projected to cross the 500 million mark this year. In such a dynamic market which is growing from strength to strength, selling on WhatsApp is an ideal solution for earning revenue without a lot of expenditure. Leveraging the features of WhatsApp to increase your sales can be achieved by making appropriate use of the various media present in WhatsApp and sending frequently timed messages which instantly connect with the users. Once you start using the medium to its full potential, you will surely see a positive outcome. Here are 7 instant benefits which you will receive once you start selling on WhatsApp

1) Contribution To Profit

WhatsApp is a free messaging service and as a result you can send messages to your users for free. This is a considerable advantage as it eliminates the cost of bulk SMS’s. Due to the fact that you can send messages and content for free, you are free to spend your resources in other areas if there are any limitation. This freedom of resources will ultimately contribute to the overall profitability of your store. From a financial viewpoint, WhatsApp sales gives you a greater return on investment than a lot of other mediums.

2) Viewing Individual Response

Sending a message on WhatsApp allows you to clearly see if a message has been successfully delivered to the user or not. This is a great advantage over sending an SMS because you cannot track if each individual message has been received by the user or not. If there is a circle or a single tick next to your message, you can take further action, which could be to either resend it or wait for it to be delivered. Additionally you can also see which messages have been read by the user. This will allow you to take the following courses of action:

  • If the message has not been read, you should make changes to your WhatsApp profile and content.
  • If the message has been read and there is no response, then you need to make the message or the action more relevant to the users.
  • If the user has responded then you can easily respond to them.

3) Engaging Users Through Personalised Interactions

WhatsApp has a variety of media which can be used to personalize your communication with users. Instead of simple promotional messages, you can send images or dynamic content (GIF’s, videos). This will make the interactions much friendlier and add a personal touch. It will make you seem a lot more approachable and increase the chances of your users making a purchase from your store as your store will be much more familiar to them than other stores. All you need to do is to ensure that it remains within the boundaries of a formal conversation and does not become the same as sending messages to a friend.

4) Presence Of WhatsApp Status

A feature launched earlier this year and one which has become extremely popular is Status. A user can put up a graphic image under Status which lasts for 24 hours. You can leverage status as an extremely effective promotional tool. The images which you put in Status could be from the following activities for instance :

  • Flash sales
  • Promotional Codes
  • Discount schemes for an occasion
  • New product launches

With an effective message asking users to see your Status and act accordingly, you have a tool which makes you seem dynamic, and adds both intrigue and urgency. This will improve your brand image and sales both.

5) Being Involved In A Community

Being present on WhatsApp automatically implies that you can be a part of WhatsApp groups. You can create groups which bring like-minded people together. This will make it easier to sell your products to a large number of people together. Groups can also be used to connect with other entrepreneurs. It is advisable to join groups so that you get an insight into other practices followed by sellers and communicate with them to understand and share your experiences. Being active in groups also helps you build contacts, which will be beneficial in the long term as well.

6) Ability To Receive Feedback

One of the most important factors in improving your performance in any field is how you can respond to feedback. The nature of WhatsApp is so personal that you have the potential to receive a very honest feedback. By including a few lines (in either your online store or WhatsApp communication) that ask for the user’s feedback you have the ability to both receive feedback as well as initiate a two way conversation instead of simply you sending a message. This will help you to include the changes which the user wants, a huge asset in the age of “customer is king”.

7) Conducting Market Research

Feedback from WhatsApp can be received either directly from the customer or through market research. A strong message which makes the user feel that answering the survey will be beneficial to them should push them to respond honestly. Conducting a research through WhatsApp is both cost effective and has the added benefit of you seeing how quickly the user responds after they have seen the message.

As you can see, selling on WhatsApp by using its features and the causal tone which you can use while communicating there will undoubtedly improve the performance of your store. Happy Selling!

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