With the introduction of the shop feature, Facebook has now become an ideal platform for e-commerce. The website has one billion daily active users and two billion monthly active users which means that a large number of individuals can see your products. You should utilize the interest that users have in visuals by selling your product through pictures.  Pictures help to convey a lot of information within a limited space and must be utilized effectively for your Facebook selling experience to be successful. Here are a few simple tricks which you can use to sell successfully on Facebook by using pictures.

Announcing Contests

Contests are an extremely effective way to get users interested in your products. With the number of increasing contests on social media, keep the following in mind while designing a contest.

  • To make your contest a successful promotional effort, highlight the value it brings to the user. Users are more likely to be attracted to contests which serve their need instead of one’s that simply float an offer.
  • Focus on the value of the contest instead of simply asking for participation. Participations will be immediately interested with something that provides them with value.
  • Try to visualize the need instead of simply putting a text that screams an offer. Users should be attracted by the imagery and then be interested in the text.

By following these tips, the users will be attracted by the image as it serves a strong purpose instead of simply being a promotional tactic.

Displaying Discounts

Discounts are always a great way to attract user’s attention. To reduce the risk of fading away in the competition, you must focus on creating an attractive image instead of simply displaying a discount. Identify the user’s needs and create a picture around that so that the user feels that you are being of help instead of being a discount. The advantage to this approach is that you are killing two birds with one stone. Firstly, you are being valuable and more importantly, you are removing the negative image that is sometimes associated with discounts. In such images, you can afford to be text heavy if the need arises once the imagery covers the user’s needs.

Drawing Attention To Product Features

You can utilize the attraction which users have towards images by directing attention towards the top features of your product. Focus on your product and do not make it text heavy. Instead use the text to complement the top features of your product. In case there are a lot of technicalities involved you can mention them in the “describe product” text. You can also draw users to your website by sharing the website link. If you cannot put all the features in one image, you can try and increase engagement and interest by making a series of features images.

Creating Infographics

As the name suggests, infographics are informational graphics or images. They are images which convey a process, comparisons among others. In short they are a visual representation of information, which generally include data as well. You can utilize the power of infographics to show many things such as :

  • Evolution of your brand
  • Process of creating your products
  • History of the product and how you have contributed to its growth
  • Listing all your products with a one line description which reflects the thought process behind your store.

Image Captioning

Images can also be a great way to keep users engaged. One way to do so is by asking users to place their own wordings to the images. This could be by asking the user to create a caption, describing the image in a word or a fill in the blanks activity. The objective behind such an activity would be to identify the user through their responses. Such activities serve two purposes. Firstly they keep the users engaged, and secondly they help you to receive valuable insights about users. This necessarily need not be a contest. You can also make it interesting by rewarding the best answers with a limited access display of certain products.

Crowdsourcing Ideas

Crowdsourcing is when you ask users to provide you with ideas which will be implemented in the final product. Through crowdsourcing you can increase user activity by crediting them for the final idea and/or give them a reward for their efforts. This could either be used in creating the final product or even a social media activity. If implemented accurately, crowdsourcing can show your ability to respond to feedback; a sign that you can be trusted as a brand. You will also receive ideas which display user needs. Announce your request for crowdsourcing with an image. The increased user attention will translate into greater sales.

These are a few ways by which you can use the power of images to pull users towards your product and help to increase sales. Good Luck!

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