The last few years have seen a huge shift in consumption and communication patterns, both of which are primarily conducted online. India is the biggest example of this technological evolution. A country so accustomed to traditional purchase methods is now suddenly dependent on e-commerce applications for basic needs like buying groceries. According to a number of reputed marketing research firms, India is the fastest growing country in the world for e-commerce. Another example of India’s transformation into a digital nation is the rise of WhatsApp. Look around you, and there will be very few who do not use WhatsApp. Selling on WhatsApp will be the next step in e-commerce, which is why you should start now before it becomes common practice. Here are 6 reasons why you should start selling on WhatsApp.

1) Close Connection With User

The biggest advantage with selling on WhatsApp is the ability to form a close connection with the user. This is because WhatsApp is essentially an extremely personal space. Any message which tries to simply sell a product will be viewed with a little hesitation. Sending a personalized message which reflects the user’s intentions will be highly beneficial. It will allow you to take advantage of the personal nature of WhatsApp and create a close connection with the user.

2) Vast Media Resources

Unlike other forms of communication, WhatsApp has a number of resources which you can send to create a personal bond. Be it GIF’s, small videos, easily created graphics, you can reach out to your users in a number of creative formats. Simply ensure that your communication never becomes informal. Once you are within your limits, you can be more creative on WhatsApp than regular modes of communication.

3) Extremely Wide Reach

WhatsApp has become the most preferred mode of communication in India. Unlike most applications, it is used by people across all age groups as it is extremely easy to use. Consider the facts: out of 400 million mobile internet users, a little over 250 million are WhatsApp users. No other application reaches out to so many users. This wide reach makes it an ideal platform for selling products. Using the tools and media resources available, you can sell effectively on WhatsApp.

4) High Engagement Rate

As explained in the previous point, WhatsApp is used by individuals of all age groups. From long time smartphone users to new users in the elder generations, it is used by everyone. Due to its high frequency of usage, the application has a 70% engagement rate. Very few applications have the ability to hold your attention like WhatsApp. With a smart selling and marketing strategy, you can capitalize on the high attention span which users have towards the application.

5) Ability To Create Communities

One of the most popular features of WhatsApp is the ability to create groups. You can utilize this to your advantage and create a group of like-minded users. This will reduce your efforts and make your users feel like they are a part of a community. It is a feeling which will strengthen the association with your brand. If you are using groups then do not simply create a group and let it be. Send a short introductory message welcoming users and modify the communication according to the response you get.

6) Cost Effective

WhatsApp is the perfect solution for sellers who want to communicate to a large number of users by keeping a check on their costs. You can send messages and media to individuals and groups at no cost. You can enjoy all the benefits of WhatsApp which are mentioned above, without paying anything. Once your business progresses, you can utilize a number of tools for WhatsApp marketing if you choose to. However, with a few smart selling strategies you can get more sales without any payment for the medium of communication.

WhatsApp co-founder, Mr. Brian Acton announced in February this year that India is the application’s biggest market in the world. It is used by every segment of society which makes it an ideal platform for conducting e-commerce activities. If you have not considered it so far, you must start thinking about selling on WhatsApp because of the features, the popularity and the low costs involved. You can refer to a few articles in this section for any other doubts which you might have. They are designed to guide you through the process of selling on WhatsApp. Happy Selling!                                                              

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