Facebook is one of the most popular forms of communicating anything in today’s digital world. The social networking site has over a billion users. India is the country with the largest number of Facebook users with a recent report stating that there are potentially 240 million users here. Recently there have been many updates with Facebook adding a Shop option as well as allowing the option of selling in groups in 2015. Even though direct payments are not possible, there has been a rise in e-commerce related conversations on Facebook. Keeping in mind how comfortable users are with the medium and how frequently it is used, Facebook is an ideal platform for selling your products. Here, we show how to take advantage of the platform and sell your products.

1) Creating A Community

An online community is a group of like-minded people who believe in the same philosophy or thought process. Facebook has ample tools with which you can create a strong community through Facebook Groups. With Groups you can create conversations and keep your users engaged among each other. You need to understand your user’s needs, what might interest and them, what times they are most active and post topics through images and/or text to initiate conversations. Once the users have constant conversations which interest them, they will develop a good impression about your brand. It will make them think about you and your products whenever they consider making a purchase.

2) Going Live

The most popular feature on Facebook right now is Facebook Live. It is essentially a live video posted by either an individual or a page. You can take advantage of Facebook Live to give users a sneak peak into your life. This could be through either showing the process of creating the product or talking about something interesting or doing a light-hearted activity. The first will show your honesty and impress users with your transparency. The second will show your passion and knowledge, while the third will make you create an immediate personal bond by being emotionally endearing. All three are important connections which you need to form to create a stable brand and can be achieved through Facebook Live.

3) Hashtags

You might have come across many hashtags (#) in your browsing experience. To put it briefly, any word or phrase followed by the hashtag (phrases cannot have a break between the words or nogaps in hashtag jargon) is used to identify with messages on a specific topic. For eg: #IndependenceDay for celebrating Independence Day in your home, office or locality. Placing the correct hashtags in your content increases the scope for it to be visible across social media if you post a message followed by the hashtags. You can track the most popular hashtags for a particular topic and use it to boost the visibility of your post. They can help in promoting an event or any part of your business. Ensure that they short and convey the message in the short phrases.

4) Highlighting Your Product

Take advantage of the various forms of media available on Facebook by showing the different ways in which your product can add value to the user. The ways in which you could achieve this are:

• Demonstration Videos
• Photographic Series
• Out of the box utilization

Through Facebook you should convince the user that your offering is more than a product but a tool of great value. Try to create content which attracts casual users immediately by showing how useful it is to them.

5) Exclusive Facebook Deals

Give your users incentive to come to your Facebook page by offering deals exclusive to Facebook users. This could be through the following:

• Special promotional codes which are only available for a certain time for Facebook users.
• Activities like liking a post and/or sharing them which makes them eligible for certain discounts.
• Getting other people to join your group and giving freebies to the person who gets most new members in a certain amount of time.

This can help in attracting users to your pages and groups, and keep them coming back for more offers. It will also help in spreading the word about your brand.

6) Customer Service Through Chats

You can use the instant effect of chats by providing customer service through them. Replying to users’ queries through chats helps form a connection and lets you take full advantage of the chat feature. To enrich the overall experience, you can put in an auto generated message which sounds personalized and not robotic. Any user will be impressed by the immediate response you provide if you are able to consistently provide it. It shows that you are understanding and responsive which are two traits that go a long way in building a great brand.

Following these steps will help you to create a strong and lasting impression in the viewer’s mind. Through a combination of using the latest Facebook tools and following the latest trends you will surely be able to convince users to purchase products from your Facebook store.

Use Facebook To Boost Sales