It is a sign of how successful and popular WhatsApp has become that out of a little of over 300 million smartphone users in the country, 200 million are WhatsApp users. It is an application which cuts across borders and creates conversations between users in two different countries. Thanks to its popularity you can turn WhatsApp into an extremely effective marketing tool. There are a number of media forms available (pictures, videos, GIFs etc) which can help you in not only promoting your products, but also carry out a number of other marketing functions. Here are a few marketing strategies for your online store which will help in increase WhatsApp

1) Highlighting Your Brand Positioning

In marketing terms, brand positioning is the process of creating a unique space of your brand in the customer’s mind. It could be the benefit to the customer (for eg: Volvo’s positioning is its safety), or creation process (for eg: Subway and how it asks users to make their own meals). WhatsApp is an ideal tool for highlighting the unique features of your brand. You can easily take advantage of its personal nature and create your own space in the user’s mind. It could be through the following:

  • Showing the process of how product is created
  • A statement that sums up your brand and connects with the user
  • A unique feature of your product
  • An inspiring story of how the brand came into existence.

You could do this in a single message or create a series to create attention and keep the user engaged in your products and be associated with it. This will surely lead to more sales.

2) Starting Internal Communications

Having strong internal communication is essential to build a successful brand and sell your products. WhatsApp is extremely useful when it comes to keeping everyone on the same page, facilitating constant communication and motivating your employees. They are crucial to your progress as gaps in any of them will lead to miscommunication and have negative effects on the product creation and overall marketing strategies. On the other hand, a motivated and well informed unit will treat your brand as their own and do all they can to ensure its success. You can WhatsApp for creating work groups, sending motivational messages, funny videos etc. Simply ensure that the messages are not overtly casual in nature

3) Conducting Market Research

Market research is crucial because it shows you what the customer requires, what their needs are and what will give them benefit. You can use this information to modify your communication strategies to improve sales on WhatsApp. Utilise the various tools and media forms present on WhatsApp to show customers that participating in the market research will be beneficial for them. This could be either convincing them that you will bring changes or offering discounts and incentives to participate in the market research. Ensure that the user does not need a lot of time to answer the questions and the questionnaire itself is not extremely lengthy.

4) Integrating Social Media With WhatsApp

To keep your users engaged, you can create a campaign or content which requires them to connect your social media with WhatsApp. This could be through a number of ways:

  • Creating a contest which requires user participation on WhatsApp
  • A campaign where they can tell a few stories about themselves on WhatsApp
  • A lucky draw
  • Showing a teaser of products or promotional content on social media and the entire feature on WhatsApp

Encourage your users to access your WhatsApp number through social media. This will them to participate in the various events and activities to be engaged in your brand and products. Once they are involved in your product, the chances of them making a purchase are higher.

5) Showing Your Involvement In A Cause

Studies have shown that users are attracted to brands which show participation in a cause. If you do not have resources for being associated with an event or organization then do not worry. Simply sharing media highlighting the importance of a particular day or event should make you appear to be a socially concerned brand. Some ideas which you can implement are:

  • Sending users an image of a particular day, like World Environment Day or Earth Day
  • Making users aware about being involved in certain global events, for eg: Earth Hour (where you do your bit for protecting the environment by keeping your electricity off for an hour)
  • Sharing inspirational information

Be careful to use this only sporadically, otherwise your users might consider you as extremely eager to impress. To avoid the same risk, create your content accordingly. It increases the chances of them being more involved in your brand the next time you send any product information on WhatsApp

6) Spreading Word Of Mouth Through Recommendation

Offering a discount is a commonly used promotional tactic. However, you can utilize the power of discounts by making it an incentive for spreading the word about your products. Through WhatsApp you can start a campaign which provides the user with a discount or any other incentive if they recommend your store to other people. This will keep the user engaged in your product instead of simply receiving a discount scheme. It also navigates you through the risk of becoming a “cheap” and “discount only” brand. With content which subtly mentions the benefits of your products, you will achieve your aim of increasing sales and reaching out to more users.

These are some marketing campaigns that highlight how unique you are and help you to become a store which cares for its users. Happy Selling!

Grow Your Sales With WhatsApp