WhatsApp has witnessed an incredible journey since its formation in 2009. Launched as a free messaging application, it quickly became an essential tool in smartphones across the globe. Currently WhatsApp is seeing a growth in sales conducted on the app. And why not? Its high engagement rate of 70% makes it ideal for personalized communication. Jewelry is a product category which can be highlighted extremely effectively by using WhatsApp. Sending images of your jewelry pieces to customers can help them know your product closely. Here are a few ways in which you can sell jewelry on WhatsApp

1) Sending Attractive Images

One of the biggest advantages of selling on WhatsApp is that any images sent will be seen in close proximity to the user and can be easily zoomed in. Customers like to inspect jewelry before they make a purchase, so you can take advantage of this basic feature to send a few enticing images. A few great images with catchy taglines could be effective for selling jewelry. Take care to ensure that despite the high image quality, you send a low file size. A high file size will annoy the users as it will take a lot of time to download and eat up on their memory as well. Also, ensure that the images are optimized for mobile screens and do not look out of shape. These precautions will ensure that your images will provide a positive response to the user.

2) Product Launches

One of the most important activities which you can undertake through WhatsApp is conducting product launches. Use the vast variety of media at your disposal to release your new products with innovation. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Creating a GIF as a teaser
  • Introducing the product through a video
  • An image with the product and the product tagline
  • Showing the product on Status (a recently introduced feature where you can place a photo for 24 hours)

3) Discount Schemes

Discounts are a great way to attract customers towards your products as they tend to draw a favorable response. Highlighting a discount requires you to show the benefit without degrading the value of your brand and WhatsApp has the perfect tools to maintain that balance. Do not make the mistake of overtly highlighting your message with the discount. Instead, you can use a witty line or an anecdote to subtly inform your users about the discount. This will allow you to take full advantage of WhatsApp’s personal nature and enhance the personality of jewelry store.

4) Asking For Users’ Choice

Asking your users for their opinion makes them feel valued and increases the chances of them being engaged in your product. You can WhatsApp to achieve this aim and ask for the customer’s opinions. Do this by sending them a message where they are showing two contrasting products and are asked for their preference. Highlight the unique features of both products will show the depth and variety of your product range. Most importantly, it will also provide you with feedback from your users which you can use to make changes to your products.

5) Strong Customer Support

WhatsApp allows you to provide customer service like very few apps do. Getting instant replies to your queries on a phone has the potential to provide a great deal of customer satisfaction because it creates an instant connection. Keep in mind that to achieve the desired level of proximity with the user, you need to reply instantly. Any delay in response will lead to a negative reaction as the users will take it personally. As a result, you have to ensure that you respond quickly to any query. Even if you need time to resolve it, do inform the same to the user. This way you will once again leverage the personalized nature of WhatsApp.

These are a few basic guidelines which you can follow to successfully sell jewelry products on WhatsApp. As explained earlier, jewelry is an extremely image friendly category, which means that the way you use the various media is limited by only your thoughts and creativity. Good Luck!

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