Starting your own e-commerce business is a wonderful idea and right now is the best time to start. Not only is the country comfortable with e-commerce, but also extremely receptive towards great ideas if the product being sold suits their needs. As a result, now is the best time to get into e-commerce

There are a variety of steps and thoughts to be taken into consideration before you even think of commencing operations. Staffing is one of these steps. It is crucial that you employ not only the most appropriate staff but also the adequate number of employees. Here, we tell you how to select the essential staff to start operating your e-commerce business.

1) Hire According To Your Budget

The most important step in selecting your staff is the budget you have allocated towards employees. In case you have a low budget, then it is not possible to hire extremely experienced individuals as they will demand a lot of remuneration and perks. The greater your budget, the higher amount of experience and expertise you can hire: it is a simple equation. Hence, do not keep your expectations to high if you have a limited budget.

2) Decide The Number of Departments

After you have allocated your budgets you must identify the total number of departments and the number of individuals in each department which you can keep. The essential departments required for the functioning of an e-commerce venture are:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Category (Which will put sort the different goods into categories)
  • Customer Support
  • Order Fulfillment (Shipping, Warehousing, Logistics)

Depending on your budget you can merge, add or remove these departments.

3) Identify If They Are A Right Fit

Arguably more important than the budget is to ensure that the individual which you are hiring is the right fit for your organization. That individual must have a similar mentality, thought process and believe in the vision which you have for your e-commerce venture. If they do not have even one of these elements then regardless of their experience and expertise, they do not belong to your organization as all their efforts will be enforced instead of them working in a natural flow.

4) Take A Test

One of the best ways to identify if a candidate suits your organization or not is by making them go through a little test as part of the interview. Keep in mind that if you have a high budget and are approaching a highly qualified individual, even then you must find out if they are an appropriate fit for you through a casual question-answer session. For freshers and mid-level management you must make them undergo a short task so that you can identify if they are suitable. Assess their pattern of thought and see if they are comfortable with answering it or not as it highlights two important issues. Firstly, more than the correct answer it is the thought process which counts and secondly if they are not completely comfortable then they might not be a right fit as mentioned above.

5) Ensure That You Hire Enthusiastic Individuals

More than any other trait, the individuals which you hire should be enthusiastic. Bear in mind that enthusiasm is not simply about being energetic and expressive. It implies an individual who is ready to give in a lot of effort, face a lot of challenges, be motivated and ready to work. Agreed that it is difficult to identify this from just one single interview, which is why the test and how they tackle the problem at hand comes in handy. From that you can identify a lot about their attitude instead of simply judging individuals on their C.V. and qualifications.

Always remember that your employees form your core. They will take the organization forward, so give them the appropriate amount of freedom and do not restrict them completely. Make sure that you create a work environment which makes an individual feel secure and motivated. That is one of the essential elements to the long term success of your e-commerce venture.

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