If you are thinking about content creation and management, then one of the first names which is likely to come into your mind is WordPress. It is designed to ensure that you can express your thoughts in a beautifully designed blog. Nowadays you can do more with WordPress than simply write blogs. It is possible to create a fully functional e-commerce website with the help of WordPress. There are many e-commerce websites which utilize WordPress and are experiencing a healthy amount of either profit or popularity. Here are 5 reasons why building a website with WordPress will provide both quality and security.

1) Easy To Create And Manage An Effectively Designed Website

The biggest benefit of designing with WordPress is that it allows you can express your creativity and represent your thoughts exactly the way you want to. Since it started out as a platform for blogging, there a variety of designs, tools and templates which were available. Gradually these elements evolved to help users create a sustainable website which had more features and plugins. WordPress now offers a wide array of creative elements and the flexibility to customize your website according to your needs. The best part is that you can do this quite easily as it is designed for regular users who do not have extensive technical knowledge.

2) Search Engine Optimsation (SEO) Friendly

One of the biggest advantages of WordPress is that it is search friendly. SEO is one of the most important tools for businesses of all sizes as it helps to generate traffic without expenditure, and also boosts the credibility of the website and business. The platform in designed in a manner that SEO friendly content will receive a boost in its ranking. It is one of the reason why many reputed international organizations and institutions prefer to use WordPress. There are also a number of free plugins which are available on WordPress that guide you to boost your SEO, with Yoast SEO being the most popular among them.

3) Extensively Mobile Optimised

Having a mobile optimized website, ie one where all the features, elements and designs are clearly visible in the mobile screen is essential for any website. A recent mobile report called Global Mobile Trends by GSMA Intelligence has stated that India will witness the largest growth in new mobile subscribers with a projected number of 337 million new mobile years from 2015 to 2020. As you can see, if you do not customize your website to be mobile friendly you stand to lose out on traffic as well as customers. WordPress websites are completely mobile optimized and give you many additional features to boost your mobile presence.

4) Ability To Receive and Monitor Feedback

In the age of “Customer rules all”, it is imperative to not only receive, but also act upon user’s feedback. Feedback helps you to understand the customer’s requirements so that you can modify your offering as well as the website design to suit them. Not only does WordPress allow you to collect feedback, but also it lets you track where it is coming from. This way you can understand your users much better and be extremely specific in your marketing.

5) Wide Variety Of Plugins

As has been stated above, WordPress gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility to create a website exactly as you want to. This is possible due to the numerous plugins which are available there. Plugins are additional operational features which you can add to your website to boost its functionality and effectiveness. From Search Engine Marketing, to analytical tools, to payment gateways, to website security, there are a wide variety of plugins which are available on WordPress for you to utilize and elevate your website.

If you can get over the cost barrier (while the minimum costs are around the $100- 200 mark, it can go up to $300-500 to create a fully functioning website), WordPress is an established way to build a website. This is thanks to the in-built features which are both discussed here, and plenty of others which are available on the platform as well its ability to provide additional plugins.

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