Selling on Facebook is a recent trend which has gained momentum over the last year. Facebook has introduced many e-commerce features, such as creating a shop on your page and selling on groups. Selling on groups is extremely convenient thanks to the fact how simply you can upload a product and fill in its basic details. This has resulted in the rise of many groups created only for the purpose of connecting buyers and sellers. In this article we show 10 ways in which you can use Facebook groups effectively for selling your products.

1) Condense Your Information

Selling in a group implies that you are competing for space with a lot of other sellers. There are sellers below and above you, so you have to take efforts to stand out in a crowded space. The way to do so would be to reduce the quantity of information but not the quality or attractiveness. In technical terms, this is called condensation of information. To sell on Facebook you have to keep this thought throughout all your actions.

2) Identify The Correct Group

Considering the fact that there are a large number of selling groups, not every product is suited for every group. Before you start posting products for sale in a particular group, go through the group and understand if it suits your product. You can identify this by going through the posts and seeing which ones draw the most comments and reactions. Take all the time you need to complete this step as posting in an incorrect group will lead to you having a very weak base for your operations.

3) Write Accurate Descriptions

Written descriptions are an essential element of any e-commerce space in any medium. But while describing your product for a Facebook group, you must condense a lot of information in a few sentences. The most effective way would be to highlight those features which are unique to only your product alongside mentioning other details. Remember that thanks to the competition, you have to immediately capture the user’s attention.

4) Upload Appropriate Photographs

As we have stated in our previous articles, clicking appropriate images is essential if your products are to be sold. Like any other selling platform, your groups have to include all the elements of a well clicked photograph. As far as selling on Facebook is concerned, do not make the common mistake of keeping any personal elements in the background. Your photograph will surely stand out if it looks professional.

5) Link Product Descriptions To Your Website

If your products which have a lot of technical information, do not put all of it in one post. Instead you can use links to direct users to your website from Facebook. You could include the most unique feature to arouse interest and simply place a link asking the user to visit your website for more details. In this manner you can keep the user engaged and also increase the number of visits on your website.

6) Understand Group Regulations

Many Facebook groups have different regulations for posting. Once you have finalized the group, go through the regulations to understand the type of content which you can post and the frequency at which you can post. Only after that should you finalise your plan. Many sellers make the mistake of posting their products without fully going through the regulations. Avoid this mistake by being aware of the group regulations and posting accordingly.

7) Be Constantly Available

As with any activity on social media, your responses have to be immediate. Every time someone posts a query or asks forany information, you must respond immediately. Keep a mobile device where you can get notifications. Have a list of questions which users might ask to increase your response time. Replying immediately shows your constant interest in users and helps create a positive impression. This is always an advantage in a competitive atmosphere.

8) Update Posts

As soon as our products are sold, you must either mark it or remove the post. This will ensure that users do not feel offended by how a product which they have bought is for sale. In case there are multiple items which you have put for sale, the post must mention that very clearly. It will also reduce confusion among buyers as it is better to not keep a product available, than to mention it is available and disappoint the user. This can cause harm to your brand.

9) Identify The Point of Pickup

Facebook might have included a shop feature, but you still cannot make any transactions on Facebook. Therefore, ensure that you have a clear plan for delivering the products to the customer. Mention the point of pickup and give the user a convenient time which takes into account the distance and time they will take to arrive there. Be it the customer’s home or a central point, make sure that it is clearly defined and the location and time are clearly communicated leaving no scope for confusion.

10) Modify Your Offerings According To The Users

Keep an eye on the prices while going through the posts to identify your users. This is simply because you cannot place products which are too highly priced for the users to buy. Such products will be ignored. Different groups will prefer different price points so include only those products whose price points match what users will be willing to pay. Overpricing and underpricing both are equally harmful so maintain a price which users will be interested in.

Follow these points to ensure that you upload the correct products at the correct prices to the correct users. Also do not bombard a group with your products. Keep a respectable amount of time between your posts while following the group regulations and you should have all that you need to sell successfully in Facebook groups. Happy Selling!

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