China becomes the market leader for eCommerce globally with $681 billion of online retail sales in 2016, followed by US & fast growing India. Forrester Research says Indian market is expected to touch $64 billion by 2021. They say Indian users are more comfortable & adaptive towards buying stuff online in comparison to users in other countries esp. footwear and clothes. Thus, you have millions ready to get targeted.

  • Set up your online store and build your product catalog.
  • As your store is ready, cater to millions of people in India.
  • Fulfill shipments all across the country.
  • Sell internationally.
Market your products online
Market Your Ecommerce Store

Unique and interesting online marketing initiatives help in growing visitors on your online store. But that’s not enough. You need to plan your activities in a way that can make your customers get engaged to your store and come back whenever they wish to shop.

  • Paid
  • Organic SEO
  • Social Media
  • Email marketing etc.

All these methods will help you drive traffic on your store. Just be ready with your budget & plan your marketing campaigns around it.

Faster Payment Process

Ecommerce platforms come pre-enabled with payment gateway options giving ease of collecting on time payments to the sellers.

  • As soon as your order is fulfilled, your payment process initiates.
  • Payment time duration varies from company to company, typically it is 15days – 1 month once the shipment reaches your customer.
  • Make sure to fulfill your orders on time to avoid delays in getting payments.
Faster Payment process, how to make payment process faster
Minimize Pickup Issues
Minimize Pickup Issues

Pickup handling is one of the key challenge of this ecommerce industry. You would find a lot of people raising issues around it but you know what, managing pickups is an extremely easy task if you do the right way. These tips will help:

  • Label your packages correctly.
  • Be ready with the package before the courier guy arrives.
  • Collections on the same day will be possible only if you generate pickup before 12 noon.
International Shipping

Using international shipping partners, you can easily fulfill orders coming from any part of the world & get your brand a distinct global online presence. Choose your ecommerce platform wisely. Make sure they do offer this feature so you can have maximum customer outreach.

  • Ship internationally at lower rates
  • Automated shipping processes
  • Real time tracking of shipments in your dashboard

We hope this helped you get clear understanding about how simple it is to build your website. 

Let’s move on to building your online shop now!