No one is born an artist, it takes its own pace to develop interest, to find yourself and to walk that self-defined path. It is even more difficult if you are a woman and if you want to follow art. Being a woman was never easy, not even now. Women are equally talented and brilliant yet most of the time they remain in the dark, though not by choice but because of sheer ignorance of the world around her. That’s where women needs support the most, that when you need to be the wind beneath her wings. Having the right people to guide and inspire you, one can be assured to be directed and given the right criticism. That’s what all women search for and that’s why empowerment is vital.

Kraftly’s woman seller-Sanaa Sharma’s story is one such inspiration, of how one should have the right people around her. The proud owner of Whispering Yarns is a young entrepreneur who is driven by people around her, filling the vast generation gap through the collective love of art and creativity. She calls herself blessed to be born in a family where everyone associates themselves with art, craft and culture very deeply. She is greatly inspired by her great grandfather who is an artist himself, her great grandmother who created magic in the form of handcrafted products, her grandmother’s love for music, especially singing and her mother, for whom painting came naturally and is a writer as well. Sanaa has come a long way since the time she recalls herself wanting to be an entrepreneur from her college days until she finally dared to dive into the ocean of entrepreneurship. And it was her constant love for fashion that urged her to take the bold step and like a promise to herself she says that her journey had just begun.

It was not just the way she chose to express her love for art that caught our attention but it was also her self-determination to be always original, not to play safe with creativity but to express it in its truest form through the fabric she utilizes and the designs she comes up with, keeping it bare with a touch of modernity and simplicity, yet very traditional. Whispering Yarns is an e-commerce driven apparel store where they blend simple silhouettes with traditional craftsmanship, who forges inspiration from the streets and corners of our country to create unique products. In India, every street, every alley has a story to be told and retold, which only a seeker can find. Likewise, whispering yarns had imprinted that inspiration in their products, as you will find amazing cotton dresses that can serve both the purpose of being a kurti and dress, they also have stylish tops and scarfs and some men’s shirt, that looks equally dapper. It’s a store you shouldn’t be missing out, especially if you love fashion and want to experiment and carry the Indo-western essence this season.

“My passion for creativity and originality drove me to this path. E-commerce is a vast world, full of opportunities and I believe originality can always pave its way through the crowd” when asked what drove her to start selling online. And Kraftly was an easy choice for Whispering Yarns, for her business stability and also because a close friend referred her to be the best choice for a self-starter like Sanaa. Now that she had taken the first few steps of entrepreneurship, we asked Sanaa how difficult it gets to manage her person and professional worlds, for which she says that her inspirations are from the real world which is very much a part of her personal life. And since that’s where the passion lies, both walk hand in hand to give magical results. When asked about her experience with Kraftly Sanaa says that Kraftly is a great place for young entrepreneurs. Customer friendly and easy to use “Whispering Yarns is glad to have partnered with them!”. She parts by encouraging everyone to keep working hard as sky is the limit for the hungry soul.