One of the reasons e-commerce in India has progressed to the levels it currently occupies is due to the high discounts available almost throughout the year. And honestly, who wouldn’t like to purchase their favoured product at a lesser price? This need to constantly identify the least price a product is available for has led to the rise of price comparison websites. As the names suggests, such websites list the different websites and prices that a particular product is listed under.  A simple example would be: if you want to buy an iPhone 6, a price comparison website shows a list of the different e-commerce websites (like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc) that sell an iPhone 6 as well as any discounts offered. Therefore, you can choose where you want to buy the product from. While it may seem risky for sellers, price comparison websites have a few advantages. They allow sellers to compare their price and product offerings with the rest of the market. Sellers can observe elements like latest prices, user reviews, purchase details, etc. Hence, it helps them increase profits by understanding how the market works and what users need.

These are the top price comparison websites in India:

1) MySmartPrice:

MySmartPrice is an Indian price comparison website formed by Sulakshan Kumar and Sitakanta Ray in 2010. It was able to capture attention thanks to being a part of a relatively new section of e-commerce. The website’s USP lies in the wide of range of clearly enlisted categories that cater to every segment of users. Within three years MySmartPrice had started price comparison for  100 categories and by June 2015, they were enlisting close to 250 categories. Shortly after that it managed to raise $10 million in Series B funding from Accel Partners with participation from Helion Venture Partners. The popularity of the website has only increased from that point onward.

2) PriceDekho:

A part of the Girnar software group that possesses multiple comparison websites like CarDekho and CollegeDekho, PriceDekho was launched by Jaipur brothers Amit Jain and Anurag Jain. Over the years, the website has expanded to currently include over 15 million products across a number of popular categories. In 2013 it received $15 million in Series A funding from Sequoia Capital. The website has gone on to achieve many milestones since that point. It has also expanded to become a coupon aggregator and offering cashbacks which are additional benefits added to the discounts offered by the retailers.

3) CompareRaaja

Started by Logicserve Group in 2012, the website is headed by the group head, Rohit Chugh. CompareRaaja currently has over 1,00,000 products and operates 10 stores. It has a total of over 40 plus categories. Its app has helped to increase its popularity. CompareRaaja was recently in the news for conducting an exhaustive story of major e-commerce stores which enabled them to acquire valuable customer insights. This survey has also helped to identify emerging categories, cities, brands and the most popular discounts.

4) 91Mobiles

91Mobiles has created a niche by portraying itself as a gadget research website. Founded by Bharanidharan Viswanathan and Nitin Mathur in mid 2010, it has gained popularity for being a trusted source for knowing about and comparing prices of a wide variety of gadgets. A measure of its success lies in the fact that it ranks among the top 250 websites in India. To help users identify the correct gadget, the website has launched an on-demand expert assistance called “SPOC” for gadget research and purchasing. In an area which is now facing a lot of competition, 91mobiles user friendly and pro-user interface has seen it being used by 8 million per month.

5) SmartPrix

Started by Hitesh Khandelwal and Abhinav Chaudhary in December 2011, SmartPrix managed to attain prominence in a very short time thanks to its features. In 2014, Snapdeal had acquired a 10% stake in the price comparison website. The numbers it generates are extremely impressive, with over 20 million monthly users. The website revels in effective functionality. As soon as you enter you have buttons dedicated to help you find new products as well as immediately compare prices. SmartPrix’s uniqueness lies in how easily you can find technical information represented in the most simple manner which can be understood by anyone.

Price comparison websites are a great way to help buyers achieve their primary target of getting their desired products at very affordable. It helps you gain more information about customers so that you can achieve your goals in e-commerce.

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