Selling on WhatsApp is the latest trend in e-commerce nowadays. It is an extremely beneficial practice as the cost of selling on WhatsApp is extremely low. Due to this, you can get a higher profit by selling your products with a lower cost compared to other mediums. This article helps you stay one step ahead by giving you tips in which you can sell your products very quickly and in a simple manner. This help you take full advantage of the application and boost your sales in a very short amount of time.

1) Target Your Products Efficiently

Targeting is the act of identifying the people you will sell it and finalizing the ways in which you can sell it to them. To target users using WhatsApp you have to refine your search to very specific products or services which they might be interested in and cater those very specific needs only. The content and marketing strategies should be specially modified to suit these needs so that you can instantly capture the attention of your user.

2) Share Links To Your Website

A quick way to get your users interested in your products would be to simply share links to your website or particular sections of the website. Try to capture their attention with a few lines and instead of providing a catalogue which they have to download, you can send a link. It is simply a matter of providing greater convenience as images and catalogues take time and memory space to download, whereas a link can instantly connect them to a specific page. Just make sure that your website is encrypted with an SSL certificate as it conveys that your website is safe to navigate. Keep in mind that your lines cannot be misleading as it will lead to a negative impression on the user’s mind.

3) Send GIF’s to increase attention

A GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It is a graphic image which moves. A GIF can be used to create a quick moving sequence of your product that plays on a loop. Instead of simply sending product images, you can send a GIF that plays a limited series of your products instead of simply sending one image. This helps to create interest in the user’s mind. A GIF, followed by a link to that collection or category conveys information, arouses interest and gives them the easy task of simply clicking on the link. It could be an extremely effective tool if utilized correctly.

4) Connect WhatsApp with Social Media

Social media is an integral part of any modern marketing strategy. Through WhatsApp you can connect your users to your social media pages. Apart from being a form of promotion which they can respond to (as you are not asking much from them, simply directing them to a Facebook/Instagram page) there are a number of immediate benefits which you will get from this activity. The first is that they become a part of a community, following which they can quickly understand the philosophy behind your product. A strong social media presence goes a long way in creating and maintaining a brand. Once that connection is created, it becomes much easier to convince them to make a purchase.

5) Create Groups

Groups are one of WhatsApp’s strongest features. Groups help you to form a community with multiple users. It is also one of the fastest ways to connect with users. Creating a community which keeps everyone involved is an extremely method for gathering attention. As discussed in the first point, you have to be extremely specific if you want a fast response. For eg: if you are selling jewelry then one way to go about it would be to make a set of users who are interested in buying all kind of jewels. You can further divide this group into earrings, pendants, necklaces for a faster response.

As you can see that the common factor among all these methods is that you need to know your user base really well. You need to segregate them according to their specific interests and then devise your plans for selling on WhatsApp. Once you have taken your time, you can sell your products easily and quickly by implementing the techniques mentioned above.

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