In today’s marketing scenario Facebook is synonymous with social media. To put a number on its popularity and influence: the social network site has 2 billion active monthly users. If we look at India alone, it has 200 million users as of June 2017. Out of this over 90% of users are on mobile, making India the most active country on Facebook. You can utilize a platform which reaches out to so many individuals by selling your products on it. Selling on Facebook has been an international practice and although you still cannot directly set up a payment gateway in India, it is possible to sell through your own Facebook store. The article below describes the process of how to set up a store on Facebook and start selling on it.

1) Setting Up The Shop

A) Create A Facebook Page: The first step in order to have a Facebook store is to have a functioning Facebook page. If you do not have a Facebook page, you can easily set it up. On the left of your “Home” screen you will see a pages button. Go there and you will see an option on the top right called create page. Click on it and fill in the details.

B) Adding Shop To A Page : In case you have a pre-existing Facebook page without the shop tab, simply go to “Settings” on the top right corner of your page. Click on the “edit” button on the left hand side. You will see a “Tabs” section. Go down and you will see a “Add A Tab” button. Among the options you will see a “Shop” section. There will be an URL which you can share. In the same section you can rearrange the tabs as per your convenience.

How to Start Selling on Facebook

2) Add Shop Details

Click on the “Shop” button on your Facebook page. You will see a tab which says “Set Up Your Shop”. Click on the “I agree to Merchant Terms and Policies” and then continue.

3) Starting The Store

After setting the shop, you have two options to choose from. Either you can let people send you messages to ask questions or you can direct them to another website to complete the process. This is because in India you still cannot directly be connected to a payment gateway from Facebook itself and hence you have to be connected to a website only. Both the processes are extremely similar. Click on your preferred option and proceed.

After that, you will be asked for the currency in which you will transact. The default option is INR. Save it. Following this, you will be asked to add products.

4) Adding Products To The Store

After choosing the currency you will be shown the “Add Products To Your Shop” page. Simply click on “Add Products”. A pop up will ask you to fill details about the products. Follow our guidelines on product photography and product description to complete the details. Click on the option which allows the product to go on sale. Once you have created your store, add a description for what your page sells.

You have completed the process and are ready to sell on Facebook! If you choose to sell through messages, users will contact where you can personally try to convince them and describe how to complete the transaction. The second option is a check out page where users will be directly taken to a checkout page which takes you to a payment gateway. Currently these are the only two options available to sell on Facebook. Utilize them to sell effectively on the world’s largest social networking platform. Good Luck!

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