For an e-commerce store, product descriptions are as important as good quality images since they describe the product for the visitors. A well-written product description can have a significant influence on your potential customers’ buying decision. Companies have started understanding the importance of having a detailed description of every product on the online catalogue. They have begun hiring writers just for creating grammatically correct and nicely framed product descriptions. It seems that the e-commerce industry has finally understood the power and importance of written words amidst all the visual bling.

But, is hiring a writer enough? Nope. There is much more to writing product descriptions for e-commerce. Here are some tips to write the perfect product description that not only answers all the questions your customer has about the product, but also convince him into buying the product.

Identify Your Customer

Identifying your target audience is not only important for your business, but also for writing the appropriate product copies. Your target audience is the audience you are focusing on to make the sales. To do the same, you need to imagine a buyer persona (an ideal customer), his/her demographics, his/her likes and dislikes, etc. This will be the user for whom you have created the product and are selling to.

Identify Your Customer Product Description

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Think about your typical buyer and then tailor the story and language of your product copy accordingly. This will also have a prominent influence over the tonality of the worlds you are choosing while writing. The whole idea is to make the product description compelling, relevant and persuasive; this can only be achieved when you are aware of your potential customers and their expectations from your product.

Be Unique, not Vague

You might be tempted to copy the description of a similar product from the intimidating world of the internet, but it will never make an impact on your customer. There are hundreds of ways to describe your product, multiple formats to try, and every product (more or less) has a story behind it.

Be Unique Product Description

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So, instead of giving in to the temptation, try creating a unique copy of each and every product on your website. If you still choose to copy-paste, go on. It will most definitely harm the ranking of your site as Google is very strict about Plagiarism (duplication of content). Your website could also get penalised.

‘Product Descriptions’ are self-explanatory enough not to be vague. They are supposed to have relevant information which answers most of the customers’ questions, so there is no place for ambiguity.

Focus On Benefits and Not Just the Features in your Product Description

One common mistake that most of the businesses make while writing the product description is to focus more on the features. They think that the unique features of their product make it all the more useful and practical for the customer. They believe that by highlighting their USPs (Unique Selling Point), they can make their products stand tall as compared to their competition.

Focus On Benefits - Product Description

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I won’t necessarily deny this, but let’s see this from a buyers’ perspective. People, in general, don’t want to read about your product. They are unaware of what your product is or does. All they know is what it looks like (Thanks to Product Photography, which is equally important. Check out ‘Our Simple Guide to Product Photography‘). Knowing about features can only help so much. But won’t it be better if you tell the buyer what problems the product might be solving? Won’t your product be more appealing if it told the customer about how it will help? Ergo, Benefits. It has been seen that transforming the content from feature-centric to benefit-centric can up the chances of the product being sold by manifolds.

Write For Your Customers

Nobody has the time or patience to read anymore. Factually speaking, a majority of the readers lose interest in content within 6 seconds (I genuinely feel honoured if you are still reading). So, as a writer, you have to make it count. After you identify the brand’s person, personalise the content for the customer. Understand your customer and work on the tonality of your content accordingly. This in itself would add to the uniqueness factor of your product copy.

Write for Customers - Product Description

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Keeping the focus-span in mind, write your product description in a way that your potential customer can scan through it within seconds. How would you do that? Use bigger fonts, bold words wherever required, bullet points to highlight what you want your customers to know, and avoid writing in long paragraphs. Make sure to avoid jargon and flowery words that you can’t justify. In short, make the product descriptions short and convenient to read.

Tweak the Information for Search Engines (SEO)

Usually, I have seen people write according to Keywords for Page Ranking, as it helps in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Yes, keywords are important. But you can’t start writing for search engines instead of writing for your customers. Tweak your customer-centric product descriptions later, and accommodate all the relevant SEO keywords to make it search engine friendly.

SEO - Product Description

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The best way to do this is to first decide on your primary keyword. Make sure this keyword is in the headline as well as the first paragraph of the copy. Now forget about the SEO bit and write for your customers. Once you are done, skim through the write-up again and fit in the keywords without tampering the content.

Extra Tip – Make sure you optimise your product images and add the keyword to the file name, image description, alt text, etc. 

The content on any page is not only for Page Ranking but more importantly for your buyer. Devote some time and efforts to write the perfect and unique product description and make sure it is appealing enough to convince your customer. It will ultimately lead to more sales and more profits for your business if you write product copies to attract your readers to buy.

Your product descriptions are necessary to complete your online sales pitch. Try new things and be creative! It will all be worth it.