Customer complaints used to be an extremely common feature in e-commerce stores. However, the trend is changing with recent reports stating that one in every six customers make a complaint. With the number of e-commerce stores rapidly increasing, there is shortage of options. Modern customers do not use their time to write complaints like earlier and simply leave a store to visit an alternative. As a result you have to limit the scope for dissent, without giving the customer a chance to feel unhappy. To help in this effort, we have compiled a list of the most commonly heard customer complaints received by e-commerce store and what you must do to avoid facing the,.

1) Lack Of Response From The Service Team

The customer service team has to ensure constant communication with customers whenever they contact. Customers hate to be kept waiting or receive incomplete information. If the service team is not aware about a query, they must clearly inform the customer about the delay and apologise for it. In case the problem is a serious issue, thank the customer for their feedback and communicate your gratitude while apologizing and mentioning that you will get back to them. Keep on interacting until the problem is resolved, but do not make the customer feel that they are being made to wait. Such feelings will lead to a negative impression about your store.

2) Ineffective Logistics

Having any lapses in your logistics will not only lead to negative impression but also spread a negative image. There are many customers who post their complaints on social media, which is extremely harmful in both the short term and long term. Ensure that your customers do not fall prey to these commonly heard logistics complaints:

  • Receiving An Incorrect Item
  • Delay In Receiving Product
  • Receiving A Damaged Product

If your customer does end up facing any of these issues, you must accept responsibility and apologise immediately. To reduce their angst, you can include a discount coupon or cashback with the hope that it pacifies them.

3) Inaccurate Product Descriptions

It is extremely important to write an effective product description which captures all the elements of the product in a short and crisp format. However, you cannot put up lines which try to hide certain aspects of the product or do not reveal all the details. This will infuriate the customer once they receive the product and create a negative impression. While writing product descriptions ensure that you have mentioned all the details of the product. In case there is anything wrong with the product then do not enlist it at all, but modify it until it is in perfect condition. Remember that it is better to have a lesser number of listings than for the customer to lose their faith in your store.

4) Lack Of Website Security

The customers of today are extremely well informed and aware about website details. They can easily identify secure websites by noticing a lack of “https” in the server. Not having an SSL (Security Sockets Layer) Certification gives the impression that you are not concerned about their security. As a result no one would like to shop from such a store and run the risk of their data being compromised. You must secure your website, or else run the risk of a high bounce rate.

5) No Clarity In Returns

There are many stores which make the mistake of hiding their returns policy and having it appear suddenly, or mentioned in a smaller font size. Showing a lack of clarity in returns devalues your store. Instead, you can stay ahead of the competition and have a separate section for returns. This will give an impression that your store is a responsible unit and has genuine concern for their customers. Having a clearly written returns policy will help you to get closer to your customers and diminish any scope of disappointment from the customers.

6) Sending Too Many E-Mails

Email communication is extremely important as you can keep the user engaged with a well thought out email marketing strategy. However, you must take care to ensure that you do not cross the line between communicating and irritating the users with excessive emails. Leave a frequency of three to four days at a maximum and try to repeat the design as much as possible so that the user can appreciate your efforts and not be annoyed. If you have a number of updates, then you can condense them into one email so that customers are impressed by the volume of work which you have accomplished.

7) Having A Lengthy Check Out Process

Every e-commerce store should strive to have a one click checkout process. No user would like to go through a lengthy and cluttered check out because it is a major distraction. Many e-commerce stores have received complaints for this reason and seen their sales not pick up. Even if you do not have the resources for a one click check out, do provide an indication of how long the process will take. If the customers do not know exactly how long the process will take, they will be extremely dissatisfied.

Keeping the customers satisfied is essential in e-commerce. By following these simple steps you will reduce the number of complaints that you receive and come across as a concerned and organized store

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