In your journey as an e-commerce entrepreneur, you will face many situations where you feel that you require some additional guidance. In such a scenario, you should turn to books. Books are a strong source of knowledge thanks to the advice which they give, information they provide or the journey of its characters which is portrayed. Here are 7 books which will guide you in your journey as an e-commerce entrepreneur, and give you solutions to overcome many obstacles.

1) How To Win Friends And Influence People

The fact that it has been inspiring entrepreneurs since 1937 is a testament of how rich and popular this book has been. Dale Carnegie’s book has been inspiring individuals with topics like how to handle people and think from the other person’s perspective. What makes the book so unique is the fact that it is universal in nature as the techniques discussed here can be applied to any industry. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you can use them to attain leadership skills, get tips on how to communicate with vendors, and increase sales. How To Win Friends And Infuence People is a great motivational tool which will surely push you to achieve your ambitions.

2) Return On Relationship

Return on Relationship by Ted Rubin and Kathryn Rose is a great book for understanding the intricacies of social media. The main objective of this book is to explain the importance of building a social media community and create a brand based on something which will create true value for the user. It talks about the important aspect of creating and maintaining a relationship by generating an emotional response from social media users. It is the perfect guide for showing how to translate relationships into numbers, ie generate Return On Income through building genuine social media relationships.

3) One Click: Jeff Bezos and the rise of

Written by award winning journalist and author, Richard Brandt, the book borrows its name from the “One Click” button present at the bottom of the Amazon web page. It documents the rise of Jeff Bezos from doing odd jobs to capitalizing on the internet as a platform for selling goods. Despite not being an official documentary (since Bezos did not personally interact with the author), it has a lot of well researched information and provides a great insight into the mind of a pioneer. One Click is a source of inspiration as it describes Bezos’ journey, explains his thought process of identifying what will work, and the steps he took to create the giant called from scratch.

4) In The Plex

A fantastic description of Google’s journey from a room in Stanford to being a part of everyone with internet access. Authored by American technology journalist, Steven Levy, the book has a number of extremely informative interviews with the higher management of Google. In The Plex shows a detailed description of how Google has rigorously solved its initial problems to becoming a global innovator on a daily basis. The book explains how the leaders at Google manage a diverse set of products (Gmail, Google Maps, Google News, Google Books), the thought process behind acquiring YouTube and Blogger, and how it overcame innumerous technical hurdles to become the giant which it is today.

5) Convert!: Designing Web Sites To Increase Traffic And Conversion

The most crucial element of any e-commerce website is to convert its visitors into buyers, as increased sales will push the website forward. Convert!, written by website design expert Benjamin Hunt, guides you to achieve this objective. The book shows a number of simple, yet extremely effective tools which will ensure that your visitors will experience a website which urges them to make a purchase. It does so by helping you understand the importance of your selling point, teaches you how to optimize your website to multiple platforms, and mix creativity with numbers to drive your website forward.

6) Inbound Marketing and SEO: Insights From The Moz Blog

One of the most cost effective ways to increase the visibility of your website is through Search Engine Optimization. An effective SEO will ensure that your website will stay on top of Google’s rankings in a search. Another effective way to increase the reach of your website is through inbound marketing, which is pulling the customers attention through links and calls to action from content marketing, social media marketing and SEO. This book describes the latest trends in both inbound marketing and SEO and provides an insight into what makes these techniques so effective. It contains articles and essays which describe how to utilize social media and community building for effective inbound marketing and SEO.

7) Web Analytics 2.0

Written by Indian web entrepreneur and author Avinash Kaushik, Web Analytics 2.0 is a comprehensive guide to understanding the data and numbers behind your e-commerce website and transforming it into information which you can use to push it ahead. It gives an easy to understand explanation of important metrics, teaches you how to select and use the right web analytics tools for your website, define and measure goals, and mix numbers with data associated with descriptive information (ie qualitative data) Creating number based targets (like new visitors, total buyers, total sellers, etc) is necessary for measuring the progress of your website, and Web Analytics 2.0 is a great tool to guide you through the entire process of doing so.

These 7 books cover a range of major functional areas and have the perfect blend of being informative and motivating. They will help you with their wide range of solutions and constantly inspire you to push yourself to achieving the goals you have set. Happy Reading!

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