In today’s world the customer is truly the king. From the formation of an idea, to its marketing, to the ease of shipping the product, you have to adhere to the choices, tastes and preferences of your customers. There are many examples of established brands who have had to change their products because of a change in user preferences. As an e-commerce entrepreneur it is essential to understand your customer’s needs to modify your offering, and the first step to do that is to understand your customer. Unless you have in depth understanding of your customer, it is impossible to truly understand their needs. Here are 5 methods which you can use to attain a deeper understanding of your customer.

1) Linking Various Data Sources

Today’s customer uses many gadgets and is present on multiple platforms. The easiest way to get more details about your customer’s digital habits is by identifying the platforms which they are in by using cookies and linking all the information together. Cookies are small files which are placed on a computer, that store the data of a client. It stores user information and their browsing patterns. Finding a connection between their activities across multiple platforms and websites will help you to understand your customer’s interests. You can either place digital ads there. Alternatively, you can also change your product offering or website according to the collection of such data.

2) Surveys

Surveys are a great source of getting customer information. To ensure that you get the appropriate information, make the customer feel that it is relevant to him/her and is not simply something which they receive out of the blue. Design a questionnaire which is attractive to look at, and can be answered in a short span of time. This will lead to engagement and attract customer interest.

3) Emails

Emails are a great way of acquiring customer information. Once you have sent out a well-crafted email which instantly catches the customer’s attention, you can identify customer preferences through their response to the email. Understand what makes them engaged in your communication, when they ignore it and if they have a negative reaction. Through this you can get a clearer idea of your customer’s communication inclinations.

4) Social Media

One of the most cost effective (although time consuming) ways to identify your customer’s needs and preferences is to monitor their social media activities and preferences. This could be done either manually or through tools. Most social media websites have analytical tools (like Facebook analytics) which help to identify user activities, tastes and preferences. This can further aid in finalizing your ad placement, marketing and communication strategies.

5) Reaching Out To Data Aggregators

There are a number of aggregators which collect a large amount of data. Also, for a certain price you can collect data to find out customer queries and interaction points from multiple sources. Some of these are:

  • Data from call center queries
  • Customer Feedback
  • Purchasing patterns

All the above mentioned points will help you to understand your customers better. Once you are able to do that, you can modify your product or service according to their preference. This will make them feel that your product/service is relevant to them and increase the chances of them making a purchase from your e-commerce website.

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