Today’s e-commerce environment is favorable to both buyers and sellers. Buyers have a greater variety of items to choose from. On the other hand, due to a constantly improving infrastructure, sellers can reach out to more people.  To succeed in such a space, you need to have a great product and reach out to the correct audience by identifying them and their needs. One of the tools which you can use to achieve this objective is Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO). SEO is the process by which a website improves its position and ranking in search results. For eg: if you’re writing a post on “top 10 colleges in India”, effective SEO will ensure that your post is in the first page of a Google search. These are the results which an effective SEO strategy can provide you with:

1) Appropriate Targeting:

With the help of SEO you can understand you can reach out to users more effectively by identifying them and their needs. SEO helps you by find the correct audience and discover the most effective ways to reach out to them, or effectively targeting users. After SEO you can identify where your users come from, what they search for more frequently and the specific terms which they search for. Through SEO you can identify user behavior, before, during and after purchase. This information will help you identify how to place your content so that users can receive it and be aware of your website. This will result in increasing traffic for your website.

2) Modification After Viewing Results

One of the advantages of SEO is that it is highly measurable. You can instantly check data like website rank and the traffic (no. of users coming to your website) your strategy has generated. Following this, you can appropriately modify the SEO strategy. This is possible because SEO provides you with accurate data which allows you to identify why your efforts need to improve or change.

3) Greater Return On Income

Due to the fact that SEO is dependent on efforts and not payments in advertising, it is extremely cost effective. Focusing on SEO not only helps you to reach out to users with precision, but also it is done at a very nominal cost. This helps increase your return on income. Apart from increasing profitability, a greater return on income is also something which attracts investors and can be achieved with effective SEO.

4) Increasing Probability Of Conversion

Implementing a strong SEO plan involves restructuring the entire website to make it more user friendly. This includes elements like adding an SSL certificate, making it mobile optimized and increasing the page loading speed. Incorporating all of them will make your website more user friendly as well as increase its search rankings. Add this combination to a well-designed website with effective content and well taken pictures and you have a website which will appeal to users. Having a website which is high on search results, has products which user need and are well represented as well as user friendly is the winning combination for any e-commerce website regardless of its size.

5) Making The Website Into A Brand

Apart from measurable results, SEO helps a website earn respect. This is simply due to the fact that users trust Google and if a website is placed high up on a Google search, users will be naturally inclined to click on it. Apart from appreciating the quality of the website, they will also respect you for being highly placed in Google itself. As a result the website will be thought of as a brand instead of simply another website, allowing it to go ahead in the competition.

As you can see, SEO helps the website to grow in all aspects and not simply increase the search. A strong SEO strategy helps you to stay ahead of the competition and become an established unit.

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