T-shirts have seen quite the rise in online e-commerce. Many analysts were a bit sceptical about the sales they would generate because Indians would perform a thorough examination of their apparel to notice elements like size, fabric quality etc. before making a purchase. All these fears were proved wrong as the country took an instant liking to the idea of purchasing apparel online. T-shirts in particular proved to be an extremely popular choice. Funky logos, witty slogans and catchy designs helped push their sales up from the get go. This constant rise has made a few wonder if t-shirt sales are reaching a saturation point anytime soon or not after which there will be a decline. Thankfully, that is not the case. Here, we provide you with 6 reasons why e-commerce t-shirt stores are not dead.

1) Growth In Tier II & Tier III Cities

A recent report by famed market research agency Ken Research has shown that the number of sales form Tier II and Tier III cities is increasing. To put a number, there has been a 600% growth in online fashion retail in Tier II markets from 2012 to 2016 (Financial Years). It is a growth which is expected to continue as e-commerce consumption will increase will as these markets continue to open up.

2) Constant Relevancy

One of the reasons why t-shirts have proven to be extremely successful is because of how the various ways in which they attract youngsters across the country. A few of these common designs are based on:

  • The latest popular culture (comic books, music, tv shows etc) characters
  • Witty quotes that feature puns and anecdotes
  • Visualising a current trend
  • Optimistic messages

Colour and fabric quality are undoubtedly still important, but it is these attractive designs which is the reason why t-shirt sales are constantly increasing. The reason for that is these designs depict relevant content which connects with the audience. These designs either show their favourite superhero or are able to attract attention towards them with a humorous slogan/design sequence. This is also the reason for why t-shirt stores have constantly grown and have the highest potential to succeed. The combination of strong content and smart marketing will help you achieve success.

3) Increasing Casualwear Needs:

There are two factors that are pushing the need to have more casual outfits in one’s wardrobe. These are:

  • Earlier, the nature of organizations was extremely strict and stringent with strong formal wear. Today’s organizations do not enforce such rules. These young offices are filled with individuals that are brimming with energy and eager to either make a statement with their appearance or dress in something simple. There is also a rise in organizations having one day for informal wear.
  • There has been a healthy rise in informal gatherings and going out with friends and family. The frequency of such gatherings is constantly increasing. Along with that, so is the need to wear more informal clothes so that your companions do not feel that you are wearing the same outfit repeatedly. T-shirts cater to this need extremely effectively.

4) Social Media Appreciation

Social media has changed the way we communicate and portray ourselves to the world. There are many individuals who want to create an impression by posting pictures on social media. Such images do not need an occasion, users post it with a catchy caption or describing a daily activity. The rise of “selfie’s” has given a boost to such postings. If the purpose is to create engagement on an individual profile through comments and likes, one certainly cannot be dressed badly but not be overdressed either. T-shirts are not brought specifically for this purpose, but it is one of the subconscious factors for those extremely active on social media and with a need to be well dressed all the time.

5) Support For A Cause

Youngsters are now extremely active about a variety of causes. These could be social, environmental, or charitable. Many are supportive about the causes they support and prefer to show their inclinations with the help of what they wear. This has been the reason behind an increase of t-shirts that show a cause. Such individuals are increasing as people are getting more and more conscious about many worldly events and organizations trying to give back to the society. There is expected to be a rise of such organizations as well as individuals showing their support for them.

As you can see, t-shirts stores are far from dead. In fact there is expected to be a rise in t-shirt stores because of a greater understanding of what works for users and which topics and content will attract them.

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