India is currently in the middle of a rapidly accelerating digital revolution. The number of internet users is expected to hover around the 500 million mark by the end of the year, reflecting a massive growth in internet usage. E-Commerce has been one of the biggest beneficiaries; a phenomenon reflected by the fact that India is the world’s fastest growing country for e-commerce. While most e-commerce enterprises have a website, nowadays there are many entrepreneurs who have started business. This has been possible through online courses, lending their skill, YouTube video channels etc. Running any form of online business without a website might sound extremely alluring and worry-free, but it is not advisable. There are many elements to a website which help bring more profitability and provide long term benefits than not having one. Here, we discuss 5 elements which prove that e-commerce websites are useful for an online business.

1) Provides A Strong Platform

The most important reason for having a website is that it provides you with a platform that is the base of all your operations. Making operational strategies and marketing plans become much more effective as you can customize the website to reflect both your products/services and the core idea of your business. That allows you to both promote your products/services as well as create stories which reflect your purpose of creation. Once people are aware of what you are and why you do what you do, they are more likely to accept you and purchase your products. As you can see, such opportunities can only be provided by a website.

2) Helps In Increasing Visibility

Apart from being a strong platform, having a website allows you to increase the number of people your product/services can be visible to, aka visibility. It makes you eligible for Search Engine Optimization which is one of the best zero budget marketing techniques. SEO is the process by which Google ranks the result of an online search. If you do not have a website, the chances of your product/service appearing in a search result are extremely row. Having a website allows you to execute a strong SEO plan as well as other visibility improving techniques such as including customer reviews and including your brand in website listings.

3) Allows Scope For Greater Customer Support

In today’s world, customer support plays a vital role in creating an impression in the user’s mind. It is one of the most important elements in e-commerce and one which separates your website from the rest of your competition. Having a website allows you to offer unprecedented customer support and invoke a sense of trust in the customer’s mind. Building a bond through customer support ensures that they will choose you over other similar websites thanks to the fact that you listen to and respect their queries and give them a solution.

4) Remains A Continuous Source Of Access

The biggest disadvantage with other forms of business is that they are inherently limited. You cannot allow your user to navigate through the entirety of your product/service range unless you have a website. Every other form of online business will require the user to either navigate a lot or go through an entire series. They cannot access the entire collection in a single space. This is why e-commerce websites are extremely effective as they provide the user with everything they need in a limited space. A website also does not require much effort to approach and reach out to. No other space provides such convenience to the user.

5) Makes It Easier To Collect Data

Constant data monitoring and analysis is essential for the progress of any business. Having a website is not simply a matter of convenience; it allows you to constantly track important data like how many users are visiting, how many are leaving immediately, which are the pages that users are viewing the most etc. Analysis of your website’s data will show you which elements of your website are working and the modifications that you need to make. As we all know, “customer is king” so unless you do not serve the customers what they want and modify your offerings to suit their needs, you are highly unlikely to succeed. Having a website allows you to receive all the data you need to not just sell your products, but also become a brand by adding value to their lives.

As you can see, it is absolutely essential to have an e-commerce website to progress. If you feel that it is a tremendous headache that involves a lot of management, coding and maintenance, then worry no further because the solution is right in front of you!

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