Are you considering starting a Facebook store, but are daunted by the hassles of an online store? Well, it’s really a simple task, and as safe as your other purchases from the various, easily accessible, online e-commerce portals.

Facebook is a rapidly growing online community that adds billions of potential buyers to its user-base every year. Granted that the entire user base may not be your prospective audience, however, even if you are able to convert one-fourth of this base, it should mean a huge profit margin for you. What’s more? Selling on Facebook is absolutely free!

Here are some of the tips that can guide you while you start your online store on Facebook:

Know what to sell. Facebook offers an e-commerce platform that easily connects the sellers with potential buyers. However, it is also important to understand what sells where. Selling on Facebook can prove to be highly lucrative if the goods range from being popular to small value items. Children’s merchandise also garners a lot of attention on Facebook and is sure to strike a chord with the parents.

Economic e-commerce platform. One of the major USP of selling your goods online, and that too, through Facebook is that it’s free of cost. Unlike most e-commerce platforms, starting your own page to sell your goods is not chargeable. Hence whatever you sell, you receive the entire money without having to pay anything as a hosting commission. Your profit remains yours with absolutely no chance of losing on the margins. However, there’s a slight catch here. In case you want to run advertisements or create your store through any of the easily available ‘e-commerce online store builders’, then these services are definitely chargeable.

Price it correctly. No matter what you sell, it is highly imperative to put across a competitive price. An online selling platform is a buyer’s market, especially, if you operate in a highly competitive market that offers a range of similar products but different prices. Remember that while it’s important to quote a profitable cost, you should not forget to make it an attractive deal for your prospective buyers.

One platform, multiple stores. One of the most important feature of selling online on Facebook is that it offers various options to help reach out to more people. You can surely post your products on more than one group that is involved in buying and selling of such products. Apart from creating your own exclusive store on Facebook, you can also display your products via other e-commerce pages.

Promote your product well. Whether you are selling a product or a service, it is imperative to market it well, online or offline. There are various ways in which you can promote your product on Facebook, and it could just be free.  However, should you want to promote them through a third-party application, the choices won’t be disappointing. Facebook is an online community that works well on people network and word-of-mouth marketing. So be sure to let your friends know about what you are selling and request them to pass on the message. This way you would be able to reach out and create quite a customer base for yourself.

Selling anything in this big, fast-paced world can be quite an uphill task. Facebook through its online community only strives to make it easier. All that you need to remember is that building a strong relationship with your customer base is one of the key steps to successfully selling online. But, keep an eye out for fraudsters!