Facebook has crossed global barriers to become one of the brands synonymous with spending time on the internet. The number of users that Facebook has is more than the population of many countries. Which is why advertising on Facebook is one of the best ways to gather attention. Facebook has also tried to take advantage of its popularity and ever-increasing presence by focusing on paid ads. The company focuses on pushing paid ads instead of simple pages. Unless a page has path-breaking content, its chances of being successful are low because of Facebook’s recent policies. As a result, you need to know how to create effective Facebook ads- one’s which lead to conversions.

Before proceeding to the tips, you should know the most popular ad formats on Facebook.

  • Sponsored Story (on mobile or desktop)
  • Sidebar Ad (desktop)
  • Mobile App Ad
  • Video Ads

In this article, we provide you with 4 tips that can help you in creating Facebook ads which will help your products/services to create leads and conversions from Facebook.

1) Keep A Clear CTA (Call-To-Action) In Every Ad

A call to action is a link which directs the user to your website, microsite or store. Your ads need to be accompanied by a strong CTA so that users feel intrigued to know further and are directed to another page. A few examples of strong CTA’s are Sign Up Now, Click Here, Get 25% Off, Don’t Miss These Offers etc.

2) Stick To The Point

Keep in mind the fact that the content in Facebook is increasing rapidly by the minute. To capture the user’s attention you need to be to the point. Do not be vague, but immediately highlight the specific factor about your product/service which will help the user and fulfill their needs. For example: A commonly seen “We are going to make your life simple! Click Now!” does not specify how they will simplify the user’s life and is most likely to be ignored.

3) Focus On Benefits

Maintain focus on the benefits of your product and services. You will be able to leverage Facebook’s popularity by creating an ad copy that uses meaningful lines which display a message which has relevance in the user’s life. Your copy should give the user reason to click on it with the value of your offering.

For Example: If you are offering the upgraded version of your service, then instead of writing “Click Now To Upgrade The Free Version Of App,” focus on listing the improvements that you have added in the upgraded version. For eg: “Full Access To Customer Support, No Third Party Ads, Free Analysis Tool and more”

After listing all the benefits create a well-defined CTA that will prompt the user to achieve the intention of the post.

4) Target Your Ads

Facebook has achieved immense popularity because individuals of all age groups and strata of society have accepted and joined it. Since there are a diverse set of individuals, they need to be targeted differently. You need to split your audience into various segments are target separate ads according to separate activities. This will allow you to better align your audience with your messaging. Here are some of the different segments which you can target your ad to:

  • Users by last visit: Individuals who have visited your page within a particular time frame.
  • Users who visit specific pages: Users who spend time on a specific page are more likely to be attracted to ads with the same theme as the items on the page they were browsing. Keep that in mind and segregate your audience accordingly.
  • Users by time. Set benchmarks by time limits and do not waste your money on those who spend less than 20 seconds.

Always remember, every time a person likes your Facebook page, you are generating a lead for your business. With these tips you can keep extract a positive social media impact out of your page by a little investment. Happy Socialising!

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