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Building & launching a website is not enough, it takes a lot more efforts to promote your products online effectively. To sell a product online from your home or offline store, learn how to market it on various online channels like search engines, social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), emails, etc. to reach out to your buyers.

WhatsApp Selling - 5 ways to sell jewelry
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5 Ways To Sell Jewelry On WhatsApp

WhatsApp has witnessed an incredible journey since its formation in 2009. Launched as a free messaging application, it quickly became an essential tool in smartphones across the globe. Currently WhatsApp is seeing a growth in sales conducted on the app. And why not? Its high engagement rate of 70% makes it ideal for personalized communication. […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • August 25, 2017
WhatsApp Selling - 7 benefits of selling on Whatsapp
Marketing & Branding Sell Online

7 Instant Benefits Of Selling On WhatsApp

India has shown a rapid growth in its mobile consumption over the last few years. The number of smartphone users has risen up to 300 million customers in February and is projected to cross the 500 million mark this year. In such a dynamic market which is growing from strength to strength, selling on WhatsApp […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • August 24, 2017
WhatsApp Selling - 5 ways to sell effectively
Marketing & Branding Sell Online

Boost Your Sales Using These 5 Tricks To Sell On WhatsApp

Growing at a rate of one billion daily active users, (which was one billion monthly active users at this time last year) WhatsApp has now become synonymous with messaging from phones. Thanks to its global popularity, it was only a matter of time before WhatsApp would be used to conduct transactions. The messaging application attracts […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • August 23, 2017
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7 Books Which Should Be On An E-Commerce Entrepreneur’s Reading List

In your journey as an e-commerce entrepreneur, you will face many situations where you feel that you require some additional guidance. In such a scenario, you should turn to books. Books are a strong source of knowledge thanks to the advice which they give, information they provide or the journey of its characters which is […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • August 21, 2017
Getting Customer Information : 5 Ways
Marketing & Branding

5 Ways To Get More Information About Your Customers

In today’s world the customer is truly the king. From the formation of an idea, to its marketing, to the ease of shipping the product, you have to adhere to the choices, tastes and preferences of your customers. There are many examples of established brands who have had to change their products because of a […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • August 18, 2017
Google Analytics: A Quick Guide To Understanding & Implementing It
Marketing & Branding

A Quick Guide To Understanding And Implementing Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an extremely popular tool which is used by companies to analyse the growth of their online business. It provides great insights into customer behaviour and aids your marketing strategy. The data and statistics provided by Google Analytics can also help in analysing the website content, demographics of the visitors, and other metrics. […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • August 16, 2017
Bounce Rate : How To Decrease It
Marketing & Branding

Tips To Decrease The Bounce Rate Of Your Store

One of the most inevitable parts of your online experience will be to have a certain amount of bounce rate. As the name suggests, your store’s bounce rate is the number of visitors who exit without engaging with a single page. An extremely high bounce rate implies that users either find your store irrelevant or […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • August 15, 2017
E-Commerce Metrics : To evaluate for your online store
Marketing & Branding

5 Metrics To Consider For Evaluating The Performance Of Your Online Store

One of the most crucial elements of an online stores (which most store owners fail to include) is the presence of metrics which reflect various aspects of your store’s performance. Metrics are numbers that tell you important information about a process. It is important to regularly monitor various metrics to verify the decisions which you […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • August 14, 2017
E-Commerce Stores : Features That Bring Profit
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Features Which Bring Profit To An E-Commerce Store

Choosing the final list of features in an e-commerce website is a critical decision. The list of features in your online store will ultimately decide if a user makes a purchase or ignores you. Here are a list features which make your store profitable, simply because they attend to the most important needs of the […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • August 11, 2017