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Building & launching a website is not enough, it takes a lot more efforts to promote your products online effectively. To sell a product online from your home or offline store, learn how to market it on various online channels like search engines, social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), emails, etc. to reach out to your buyers.

Payment Gateways For Your E-Commerce Website : 5 Options
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5 Payment Gateways For Your E-Commerce Website

A payment gateway is a service which processes and authorizes credit card, debit card and direct payments for an e-commerce website. It is the feature which keeps the website functional by collecting payments for all the transactions in the website. When users fill in all their details, the website sends information to the payment gateway. […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • September 15, 2017
B2B Marketing: 5 Tips
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5 Tips For B2B E-Commerce Marketing

When we talk about selling online, the popular categories which initially come to mind are clothes, gadgets, accessories, books etc. In simple terms it is a business selling its products to other businesses. There are also a lot of businesses that sell their products and services to other businesses and not the general public. Such […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • September 14, 2017
Effective SEO : 5 Results
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5 Results You Can Expect From An Effective SEO Strategy

Today’s e-commerce environment is favorable to both buyers and sellers. Buyers have a greater variety of items to choose from. On the other hand, due to a constantly improving infrastructure, sellers can reach out to more people.  To succeed in such a space, you need to have a great product and reach out to the […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • September 13, 2017
PCI Compliance : A Quick Guide
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An Quick Guide To PCI Compliance

One of the most commonly used security standards for ensuring security in card transactions, PCI compliance stands for Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard. It is a series of security requirements which is followed by merchants across the world. PCI DDS comes under the Payments Card Industry Security Standards Council. It was formed as […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • September 12, 2017
Analytics Tools For E-Commerce : 5 Tools
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5 Analytics Tools For Your E-Commerce Store

The only way for an e-commerce website to progress is by modifying its content and products according to the needs and requirements of the user. Data and analytics help you achieve this as they provide a measure of your website’s performance. For example : it is only by knowing how many users are visiting your […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • September 11, 2017
Customer Complaints: 7 Most Commonly Heard Complaints
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7 Most Commonly Heard Customer Complaints In An E-Commerce Store

Customer complaints used to be an extremely common feature in e-commerce stores. However, the trend is changing with recent reports stating that one in every six customers make a complaint. With the number of e-commerce stores rapidly increasing, there is shortage of options. Modern customers do not use their time to write complaints like earlier […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • September 8, 2017
WhatsApp Selling - 6 Reasons to sell on WhatsApp
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6 Reasons Why You Should Sell On WhatsApp

The last few years have seen a huge shift in consumption and communication patterns, both of which are primarily conducted online. India is the biggest example of this technological evolution. A country so accustomed to traditional purchase methods is now suddenly dependent on e-commerce applications for basic needs like buying groceries. According to a number […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • September 5, 2017
WhatsApp Selling - 7 products you can sell
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7 Products That You Can Sell On Whatsapp

WhatsApp usage in India has seen a phenomenal growth since its launch in the country. The application has grown from having 20 million users in 2013 to 200 million users in 2017, making it the largest country in the world for WhatsApp users. This shows the keen interest that users have taken in the application […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • September 4, 2017
WhatsApp Selling - 6 Ways To Boost Sales
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6 Effective Marketing Strategies To Grow WhatsApp Sales

It is a sign of how successful and popular WhatsApp has become that out of a little of over 300 million smartphone users in the country, 200 million are WhatsApp users. It is an application which cuts across borders and creates conversations between users in two different countries. Thanks to its popularity you can turn […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • August 28, 2017