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Building & launching a website is not enough, it takes a lot more efforts to promote your products online effectively. To sell a product online from your home or offline store, learn how to market it on various online channels like search engines, social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), emails, etc. to reach out to your buyers.

Integrating A Payment Gateway : How To
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How To Integrate A Payment Gateway For Your Website

A payment gateway is an extremely critical component of your e-commerce website. It allows the merchant to accept online payments done through credit/debit cards and net banking. A payment gateway processes the payment information that customer enters and sends it to the web server. This informational exchange completes the sale cycle and sends the information […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • October 5, 2017
Investments Not Related To E-Commerce : Scope
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Scope of Investment In Startups Not Related To E-Commerce

E-commerce has become a major part of our lives, and yet it is poised for an even greater growth. The current market has products & services to fulfill any need. We can buy groceries, purchase property and even publish & sell books online.It was a result of initial investors realising the potential of e-commerce in India […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • September 26, 2017
8 E-Commerce App Building Features
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8 Factors Needed For Building An E-Commerce App

The last few years have seen a constant increase in mobile browsing and payments made on mobile. As a result, e-commerce store owners have to create a mobile app which constantly appeals to the users and pushes them to make a purchase. You can come out on top of this constant competition by keeping a […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • September 25, 2017
Effectively Selling On Facebook : 6 Ways
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6 Ideas For Better Selling On Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular forms of communicating anything in today’s digital world. The social networking site has over a billion users. India is the country with the largest number of Facebook users with a recent report stating that there are potentially 240 million users here. Recently there have been many updates with […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • September 22, 2017
Selling Effectively On Facebook Groups : 10 Tips
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10 Ways To Use Facebook Groups Effectively For Selling Your Products

Selling on Facebook is a recent trend which has gained momentum over the last year. Facebook has introduced many e-commerce features, such as creating a shop on your page and selling on groups. Selling on groups is extremely convenient thanks to the fact how simply you can upload a product and fill in its basic […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • September 21, 2017
Selling on Facebook With Images : 6 tricks
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6 Simple Tricks To Sell On Facebook Using Pictures

With the introduction of the shop feature, Facebook has now become an ideal platform for e-commerce. The website has one billion daily active users and two billion monthly active users which means that a large number of individuals can see your products. You should utilize the interest that users have in visuals by selling your […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • September 20, 2017
WhatsApp Selling : 9 Creative Ways
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9 Creative Ways For WhatsApp Selling

From its creation to currently becoming the most popular form of mobile communication, WhatsApp had certainly seen a rapid rise. Starting out only in 2009, WhatsApp currently has over 1 billion active monthly users. The words “I will message you” have been replaced by “I will WhatsApp you” as the application keeps on growing. WhatsApp […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • September 19, 2017
Selling On Facebook : How To Do So
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How To Set Up A Facebook Store & Sell Online

In today’s marketing scenario Facebook is synonymous with social media. To put a number on its popularity and influence: the social network site has 2 billion active monthly users. If we look at India alone, it has 200 million users as of June 2017. Out of this over 90% of users are on mobile, making […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • September 18, 2017
Selling on WhatsApp : 5 Simple and Fast Ways
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Simplest & Fastest Ways To Sell On Watsapp In India

Selling on WhatsApp is the latest trend in e-commerce nowadays. It is an extremely beneficial practice as the cost of selling on WhatsApp is extremely low. Due to this, you can get a higher profit by selling your products with a lower cost compared to other mediums. This article helps you stay one step ahead […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • September 18, 2017