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Building & launching a website is not enough, it takes a lot more efforts to promote your products online effectively. To sell a product online from your home or offline store, learn how to market it on various online channels like search engines, social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), emails, etc. to reach out to your buyers.

E-Commerce Companies : Tax Liabilities
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Tax Liabilities For E-Commerce Companies

Starting an e-commerce firm requires undergoing numerous procedures before you can even think of starting operations. The various forms of taxation are one of the biggest hurdles which people face, both in understanding and execution. In the middle of the year, the government rolled out the Goods & Services Tax which has resulted in the […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • October 25, 2017
Mobile Wallets in Ecommerce : Future Prospects
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Future Prospects Of Mobile Wallets in E-Commerce

With the advancement of e-commerce, there are many features which are expected to be more prominent and witness increasing usability in the upcoming days. Mobile wallets happen to be one of them. A mobile wallet is a mode of payment which an e-commerce store or website keeps the information on your credit/debit card with itself. […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • October 23, 2017
Why T-Shirt E-Commerce Stores Are Not Dead : 5 Reasons
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5 Reasons Why T-Shirt E-Commerce Stores Are Not Dead

T-shirts have seen quite the rise in online e-commerce. Many analysts were a bit sceptical about the sales they would generate because Indians would perform a thorough examination of their apparel to notice elements like size, fabric quality etc. before making a purchase. All these fears were proved wrong as the country took an instant […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • October 13, 2017
Long Tail Keywords : 6 Best Practices
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6 Best Practices For Long Tail Keywords

An important part of Search Engine Optimization is to identify appropriate keywords. Keywords are search terms which users type to search for a query. Earlier SEO ranking made use of more keywords, but now there are many other elements apart from keywords which can boost the ranking of a website/page in a Google search. Nevertheless […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • October 12, 2017
Price Comparison Websites : The Top 5
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Top 5 Profitable Price Comparison Websites

One of the reasons e-commerce in India has progressed to the levels it currently occupies is due to the high discounts available almost throughout the year. And honestly, who wouldn’t like to purchase their favoured product at a lesser price? This need to constantly identify the least price a product is available for has led […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • October 11, 2017
How ECommerce Companies Are Hurting Retailers: 4 Reasons
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4 Reasons How E-Commerce Companies Are Hurting Small Retailers

The entire world is embracing a digital lifestyle today and e-commerce is at the forefront of this revolution. India has taken to e-commerce like a fish to water, as the numbers have only been rising from the first moments of the country stepping into e-commerce a decade ago. Slowly but surely, our lifestyles have changed […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • October 10, 2017
User Feedback on Amazon and Flipkart: Are They Reliable?
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Are The User Feedback On E-Commerce Sites Like Amazon And Flipkart Reliable?

We are living in an era where the “customer is king”. Regardless of the actual quality of the product/service, it is customer opinions which determine sales. This holds true for every field of business, especially e-commerce. Customer feedback is also important for other users to verify if the product is worth purchasing or not. However, […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • October 10, 2017
How E-commerce Websites Are Useful For Business : 5 Reasons
Marketing & Branding

5 Reasons How E-Commerce Websites Are Useful For Online Business

India is currently in the middle of a rapidly accelerating digital revolution. The number of internet users is expected to hover around the 500 million mark by the end of the year, reflecting a massive growth in internet usage. E-Commerce has been one of the biggest beneficiaries; a phenomenon reflected by the fact that India […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • October 9, 2017
Increasing The Conversion Rate Of Facebook Ads: 4 Tips
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4 Tips For Increasing The Conversion Rate Of Facebook Ads

Facebook has crossed global barriers to become one of the brands synonymous with spending time on the internet. The number of users that Facebook has is more than the population of many countries. Which is why advertising on Facebook is one of the best ways to gather attention. Facebook has also tried to take advantage […]

by Anirvan Sengupta • October 6, 2017