Facebook has transformed from being simply a social media platform to an integral part of our lives. According to a research done by influencer company MediaKix, the average person spends 35 minutes a day on Facebook. Compare that to 25 minutes a day for Snapchat, and 15 minutes a day for Instagram. Add this to the fact that Facebook has 2.01 billion users and Snapchat’s users is around the 400 million mark, and you can see how influential Facebook is. Which is why, selling on Facebook would be a great way to utilize the reach and popularity of the social media platform. With the recent addition of the Facebook store, it has become a great platform for e-commerce. Here are the steps you can follow to start selling on Facebook with your own Facebook shop.

1) Create A Facebook Business Page

The first step in order to create a Facebook shop is to create a Facebook page of your shop. A private account cannot be created for the purpose of setting up an online store, it has be done through a page. Selling through a Facebook page is beneficial because a page has a strong reference point, and is also a great marketing. So set up a strong Facebook page and you are on your way to start your very own Facebook Shop.

2) Add A New Section To Your Page

Once you have created your Facebook page, you need to access the page as an admin. You will see the “Add Shop Section” right below the cover photo and next to the like button. Click on that, and a pop up will reveal itself. Click on the “Add Shop Section” in the popup and agree to the terms and policies.

3) Setup Shop Details

The next popup to appear asks you to fill in the official email id of your business and your full business address. While choosing your official business id, ensure that it is completely formal. In case you are unable to purchase your own domain, it is advisable to use your company’s name in the first part of the email id. Once you’re done, click on the “use this email address for customer service enquiries”. The business address section will require you to fill full address of your business.

4) Payment Configuration

Facebook has a couple of payment collection options for a Facebook shop, namely Stripe and PayPal. In the popup for setting up shop details, you will see the “configure your payment” options right above the section where you need to fill in your address.

In case you have a Stripe or a PayPal account then simply sign in at the prompt and follow a few simple steps to connect your account with your shop. In case you do not have an account, then click on the link which asks you to create one. Go through the process and once it is completed you can proceed to connect your payment account with your Facebook Shop.

5) Complete The Setup

After the configuration of the payment gateway, you will be redirected to the Facebook business page. Click on the Finish Setup button and fill the remainder of the details. After filling in few final details about your business, you will have completed the first part of the process. Now, your shop is ready for conducting sales and receiving payment.

6) Add Products to Your Facebook Shop

Now that your store is ready to sell products, you need to add the products which you want to sell. In the Shop tab of your page, you will see the popup of a box that asks you add a product. After clicking on it, you will have to fill in a few details, including:

  • Adding photos and clicking on the Use Photos button to enable selling.
  • Product details area which shows a few lines to highlight the specialty of the product.
  • Edit Variants which completes the configuration of the variants offered through the product.

7) Product Management

Once you have added the products in your store, you will see a list of all products so that they can be modified. It shows the pricing, images and visibility. It also shows you inventory levels of the products so that you are constantly updated about its availability and can ensure that you never run out inventory without getting a chance to replenish them.

By following these 7 steps you can create a Facebook store on your own and get the benefit of selling online on the world’s most popular social networking website. You now have access to selling your products on the largest social media platform. Good Luck!

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